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Accused of lying, usually accuser is liar

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Seeing this true all over again. Just like the person who suspects who are cheating on them to the point of paranoia is usually the one who is cheating.

BM is now claiming EVERYTHING DH says in email is a LIE. Of course, we see that it is actually because DH has set up with CSE to go through them for payments, rather than deal w/BM--Judge even stated CS to go through CSE, but now somehow DH fault, and now he lies about everything. TYPICAL BPD!!!!

The three weeks of no emails from the unstable BM has truly ended. Fortunately, DH and I just have to laugh, as her emails stating this definitely prove she is off her rocker, and most likely is in CONTEMPT for not going to get parenting classes for teens. LOL


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Yes, actually its very typical that people who point a finger at other people they are pointing into a mirror. It's a little psychobabble to some I think, but MANY do's projection. If they care enough to accuse, they are usually very guilty.