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O/T... Tipping,.. Not just a city in China...

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I know the tipping standard for restaurants but I'm curious, what do you tip a hair dresser?

I've Googled this answer before but I'm not sure I necessarily agree with the answer. If I'm at a salon paying $200 for a cut and highlight, what kind of tip do I leave?


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In South Africa we don't tip for hair. We do for nails/ mani pedi for example. Usually 20% of the value of the service.

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Same standards as waitresses applies. 20% for good service. So figure the stylist spends two hours highlighting your hair and the bill is $120. A $5 tip is no bueno. Believe me... A $20 tip would be considered appropriate.

Some stylists still work on commission but most of the "big box" salons operate on an hourly sliding scale for wages, so basically stylists live off their tips like waitresses.

I know this first hand as I spent 15 years in the beauty business.

Hope this helps. Smile

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i'm the same way mairin! dh chides me for how i tip, but i think i'm more critical of the service cuz i WAS a waitress!!!! you dont get paid extra for doing half-assed work. if u want the extra, then you need to SHOW it in your service!!!

waitstaff that get good tips for consistently shitty service learn nothing and never improve. if i got shitty tips over and over again, i'd damn sure figure out what i was doing wrong and fix it so that i could earn more. NO ONE is entitled to a damn tip. you earn it.

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My stylist is my SIL so I can't really say... she gives me a great deal ($50.00 for Olaplex highlights, cut, and style), plus she's awesome, so I tip her $20.00.

I had to comment though because I had a dream last night that we moved to China... and SD came with us but she was a younger SD like 12??! And I was getting pissed cause she kept leaving shit all over our new house and DH wasn't doing anything about it. And for some reason I needed to enroll in school.. like high school, and couldn't figure out where I needed to go and nobody was being helpful.

...and no I was not smoking dope or doing shrooms prior to bed.. I have no clue what brought all that on lol :? Biggrin

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Same with me^
My hair naturally falls how I want, I love the natural color, so I only need to trim it once ever 6 weeks.
I go to the regular: cheap cuts, easy cuts, cost cutters where ever is easy to go in, get small trim and leave.
I pay 17.00 to 20.00, I give 2.00 to 3.00 tip

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You also have to consider is it the owner of the salon? Owners of the salon get 100 percent of all profits. People who are renting a booth have to pay say $600 or more a month to the owner. SOme people are hourly employees. You should definitely tip them 20 percent.

BM is a hair dresser. She rents a booth and is besties with the owner. The owner cuts hair all day along side BM. The owner makes mad bucks.

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I am soooooo jealous right now. You have a live in stylist! Your hair must be the bomb!

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I tip mine at least 20%, sometimes 25%. She is not the owner.

She does such an AWESOME job and I love her. It was harder to find a good hair stylist than it was to find a good dentist!

I also only go in for hair cuts every 4 months or so, and my hair is only colored a couple of times a year. I also go to an Aveda salon which is MEGA expensive, but it is soooooo worth it! So since I don't go as often as other people, I tip more than I would if I was getting my hair cut every 6 weeks.

And a former waitress I have to speak HAVE to claim ALL of your credit card tips because there is a record of it on the credit card. The IRS will NAIL you for not claiming all of your tips if you do. It's cash tips that you can fudge a little. I always made sure I was claiming AT LEAST 12% of my total food/alcohol sales as tips. Saved me a lot of headache and owing the tax man every year.

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At least 20% anything else is rude. I don't plan on being rude to the woman who has my hair in her hands.