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What if BM died?

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SD11 and her mother are both dramatic and will overblow anything into crisis. BM canceled us having SD11 for dinner because she "is going to the hospital." DH said he hoped she was ok like any polite person. DH talked to SD11 later and SD11 said that BM had a Drs appointment. Leave it to BM to make it seem like her gyno appointment is a medical emergency.

Controlling BM and a rant

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BM always sends SD12 with an assignment for when my DH has her. Things like DH must buy her new school clothes or supplies. She has a project that is due Monday and we have to buy all the supplies and help her with it and we find out about it Saturday morning. If it's not shopping or school related she will tell him what movie to take SD11 to and it can't be one that BM wants to take her to, or what restaurant to feed her at. She also calls SD11 all the time and SD11 will put her on speaker so we have to hear her snotty voice.

TTC as a Step

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Before we got married we talked about having kids and My husband was all for it. We have been TTC for about a year off and on. My issue is that my husband waffles on wanting kids! I feel like he's given me the bait and switch. Whenever SD11 is generous enough to give him a tiny bit of attention then he has no interest in TTC. When BM and SD11 are ignoring him then he wants to talk all about when we have a baby. We need to have sex at certain times and his interest in trying is directly related to how satisfied he is with being a father to SD11.

SD's birthday list

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SD10(almost 11)'s birthday is coming up. DH asked her what she wanted and she gave him a pretty elaborate list: an iPhone, new surface computer, tiffany earrings, a light mirror, a GoPro camera, urban decay makeup sets, a trip to France. My husband laughed it off because the list was pretty outrageous. BM comes from a rich family but this list was crazy even for their standards. I was so proud of DH for not falling for it.

Compliment SD, Insult me

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Why why why does my DH do this??

He will give gushing compliments to SD10 then slide something negative at the end about me. 

The most recent example he was playing with SDs hair and said  "SD has very nice soft thick hair. BM puts coconut oil on it, you have thin hair maybe you should put coconut oil on yours."

Accused of stealing from SD

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This is absolutely ridiculous. 

BM texts DH that SD10 needs to talk to him about something important. SD is a in an exceptionally bitchy mood because she lost some very valuable spoons. If there was any doubt how much of a spoiled rich kid she is GBM buys her Tiffany silver spoons every year and gets some expensive gold ones because they like to go to tea or something like that. I don't know what 10 year old has a spoon collection but whatever! She has some and they were not cheap and now some are missing. Guess who's getting blamed for this?

Can we stop pretending?

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It's DH's and BM's tradition to open presents on Christmas Eve. He called at about 9 on Christmas Eve and SD10 refused to FaceTime with us and gave us no reason why. We chatted for maybe 3 minutes and that was all. DH said it sounded like SD was depressed. I think she just didn't want to talk to us. He couldn't get through on Christmas day.

Husband's Facebook

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If you looks at my husband's Facebook you'd think he is a single dad who is dedicated to his work and his daughter. You'd never know that he is married if it wasn't for me sharing photos of the two of us. Is anyone else's spouse like this? It drive me nuts like he he proud of all these other things but it's like I don't exist! If he takes photos of me and SD he just keeps them, he only shares photos that are of him and her or her alone. 

Needy Husband

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My husband is so insecure and he needs all of my attention. I skyped with my BFF a couple nights ago while making cookies and he pouted that I was avoiding him. I skype with this friend maybe once every 2 months and it is always an issue. Yesterday he gets annoyed with me because I'm playing a game on my phone. He says he hates that game because I play it all the time and I'm addicted to it. I play it in the car and don't even look at him. If he's driving do I really need to be looking at him? Then he starts pouting and saying he doens't want to even talk about it because I don't care.