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O/t pregnant at 43!

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Just got a positive pregnancy test and I’m 43!! Wanted to share here because I don’t want to share with anyone else (other than DH) until we’re out of the danger zone. Yay! Positive thoughts please. Smile


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Congratulations to you and DH! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

(A good friend of mine gave birth to a healthy baby girl last year. She was 42 and Maxine is her first child.) 

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Well wishes headed your way!!! My aunt had her first around your age and 10 years later she's completley happy and healthy still!!! Keep us updated!!! Congratulations!

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Good for you. A lot of women have babies in their 40's. I had a friend that was going thru her change of life and thought she couldn't get pregnant. She had her last child at 52.

Pixie I am so happy for you. Wonderful news. Enjoy this day!

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A friend of a friend thought she could not have children.  She and her DH married at 19.  They adopted children in their mid 20s.  At 47 she got pregnant.  What a gift to both.

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Thank you all very much! I didn't think this could happen because the fertility doc told me I had less than 5% chance of getting pregnant, even with IVF. I appreciate the well wishes. Smile

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I got pregnant with our two youngest at 42 and 43. 

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Im going to be 50 this year, and have always wanted children of my own. To take to museums, and hike with and take to music lessons and read books with. Now YOU get this gift! A being to bond with and love and be loved by. Love that you are sharing with us and feel safe. Blessings, many blessings to you and new baby.


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Many blessings to you and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery.