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The Good and the God Awful

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For those who have been following, Skids gotbtaken from their mom and are in state custody. She filed for a TPO that ohe had no evidence to support, so it got dropped, but not before skids got taken, so because of that stuff FDJ was not able to get custody. So here's the update

Good: FDH gets to go to skid county and see them tomorrow! He has not spoken to them.since Jan 2 and has not seen them since Christmas Day. He is so excited and worried all in one. Apparently BM will have visitation as well but he requested be separate. At least in different rooms? We found out from a mom in SS10's class he seems to be well in school, we weren't sure if he was staying in the same school. Not sure of anything with SS7. Assuming he's still in a hospital type setting. FDH also has his psych eval required by the state. It was less expensive than anticipated thank goodness!

Now for the bad...

FDH spoke with his attorney today and through the channels of SS10's foster family and the GAL and attorney we found out SS10 has been opening up to his foster is what we know:
BM has repeatedly had the water and power off while skids were still with way to do dishes, bathe, etc. Explains a lot actually...she could not even get herself a part time job to take care of basics. FDHs CS paid the mortgage, she gets Medicaid and food stamps. I'm shocked, sad, and disgusted. He also has not been.mentioning anything about missing his mom or anything like that. Poor kid, I think he was a dam ready to burst. Last time he confided in anyone was when he told he therapist he and SS7 saw that mom smacked SS7 in the face and thats why it was messed up the night SS7 went to the behavioral hospital in November...