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OK Fullmoon tells us what happened....

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Fullmoon you wrote a blog that got 152 responses. I am dying to know what has happened since your SD overhear you calling her a bitch...

That sthe only thing I hate about ST soemtimes is I never get to find out the outcome of some peoples stories.

Another one I would love to hear back is the one whose SD broke a family heirloom plate and the SO told her to move out.


Breaking point...

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OK ladies is this good enought of all of you to see I have reached my breaking point? This is the leter I wrote and gave to my SO just now....

I am so sorry that me trying to give you a compliment and brag about you on FB has turned to this! My post would have made most men happy. You are using it as an excuse to make things bad between us!!!

Darts, Dildos and Daring Lingerie take two...

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Sorry but I have to laugh at how my last blog got a little off topic! Actually I appreciated the laughter plus the comments from people who "took my side" so to speak.  I also try to aprreciate the other comments form those that think my way of thinking is wrong. Itdoes sometimes help me put things in perspective. 

I know I sound like I hate his daugher but I don't. I just hate the dynamics when she is here. I hate my SO's behavior most of all. I hate how he sees no issues with how things are when she is here. I hate the hot and cold, the on and off, 

Wondering what's better a DH/SO with 1 child vs more...

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I can't help but think it would be nicer if my SO had at least 2 children vs. just his daughter. The reason why is because I think (and I may need to be corrected from others on here about this) is that if she had a sibling they could hang out when they are here. Because right now I am just so annoyed! She is her till Monday morning. As usual she has no plans/friends to hang out with. So its 48 hours plus non-stop of her in our faces. Part of the problem may be she waits till Friday at 5pm to try and make plans with her friends.

My heart is breaking tonight

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Things have been so bad between SO and I lately. So bad I started going to counseling (by myself becuase he once said that he went when he was married and would never go again).The thing about counseling is I dont think it helps realtionships. I think it helps individuals. I feel like I am going there to get the strength to walk away.

What hurts so much is that I think his daughter really and truly likes me. I am so sad to think of what us breaking up would do to her. How much it will affect her future views on love and relationships. 

Just my thoughts of the moment

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I just posted on anothers persons blog and had a sort of epiphany. I think so many people on here post nasty thoughts/comments about their skids becuase we are forced to put on this happy face in front of our spouses and skids and we just need a place to "let our hair down". I get along with my SO's daughter and for the most part she's a really good kid but the forced "happiness" I have to show, the change in the household dynamics when she is here, the fear of something happening and he chooses her over me and I am kicked to the curb makes me dread when she is here.