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OMG! The shit my SO obsesses over when it comes to his daughter!!!

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So Thursday night his daughter (15) slept over. Friday morning her older cousin picked her to take her to the zoo for the day. We left 15 minutes after them to go to the beach for a night. Well Friday afternoon she texted to say she lost her bracelet and that it must have fallen off when she was leaving here and if we could look for it. No biggie but we were gone until Saturday afternoon.

The perfect accessory to help you disengage!

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As I was driving home from a weekend trip with my SO and his daughter I was wishing I had a bracelet on my wrist that had the word “DISENGAGE!!!” on it to remind me to do so.  I’ve been doing pretty good at disengaging but my normal personality is to be involved and caring so I slip up at least once every time she is here.

This bracelet would also be rubber so when I do F’ up and get “too involved” aka give a shit about my SO’s daughter I could snap it to snap be back into remembering my SO wants me to basically never say anything to his daughter!