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In response to what Simpleton21 wrote...

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She wrote: "They act like you are attacking this perfect little teenage child just because you are annoyed.  There is a difference.  I do agree though that you should be more annoyed with your husband but if it isn't worth an argument to you and venting here instead works then good for you!"

I was super annoyed with my SO and his ex for always being ok with her daughter being here as much as possible, but yesterday morning was not worth an argument.

Things Step Moms used to love and now dread....

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Spring Break

Chistmas Break

Summer Break

National Holidays

Snow Days

I hate these school breasks!!!  Like so many women that posted this weekend - I count down till SO's daughter goes back home after the weekends she is here! Since she is on Spring break that started last Friday - He went and got her 3 hours earlier than normal on Friday. Last night she didnt have to go to bed at 9 but instead stayed up till after 11 and now she is sleeping in till she feels like waking up and then her mother is picking her up!!!