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Ridiculous blended Christmas

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Where even to begin. My SD20 turned up for late Xmas dinner tonight with a present for her dad but nothing for me. This actually surprised me, she had managed to remember me last year. How quickly they forget, I guess. This after I’d put up with my SOs other two kids at Christmas, and hadn’t had my own family around; my own daughter went to her dad’s. Feeling crappy tonight. I planned and contributed to and wrapped SD’s presents from both of us. And cooked a nice dinner. I wish she would go on back to Mommy’s house and leave me alone.


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Welcome!  I hate presents.  Im horrible at buying them and I wouldnt want anyone wasting their money for gifts for me.  I would rather get someone a jumbo pack of toilet paper or a couple pounds of batteries.  I dont get the whole buying things for someone that they dont need to clutter up the house.  but anyway.... it was so nice of you to cook a nice dinner, thats the BEST gift!!!I bet your DH and SD20 really enjoyed the nice dinner! 

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for your reply. I certainly don’t need any gifts or anything. It was more the thought or lack thereof that hurt my feelings a bit.

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I bet as she gets older, the disrespectful behavior toward you will continue, if not get worse. 

Going forward, I would not cook dinner for her anymore, especially if she shows up late - that is just a rude thing adult skids do on purpose; nor would I buy and wrap presents for her. Don't waste your time, money or effort. It's not worth it.

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and least selfish of the stepkids. I was genuinely surprised not to have a gift and my SO was as well and the second the door closed behind her he was hugging me and apologizing profusely. I had been trying to act normal but I guess he saw I was hurt. 

To be fair, she wasn’t late for dinner, I meant that we were having a late Xmas exchange with her as she had chosen (of course) to spend Xmas with BM. She used to be terrible with punctuality but is slowly getting better with that. 

I go back and forth on how much I’m willing to do for the steps. No there definitely will not be another home cooked meal for awhile.

SO says he’s going to talk to SD about this. I don’t know if I want him to. Do people here think it’s a good idea?


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I guess I'm better at disengaging than I thought.  I could care less if they get me gifts, which they don't really do anymore.  Only one of them shows any bit of consideration that way.  I just chalk it up to being trashy.