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New StepTalk Feature: Monthly Child Support Countdown!

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Hi all, I'm more a commenter than a blogger, but thought this might be a fun exercise for whoever wants to join in!

It's the First of the Month and we know what that means!!! Yes, the Child Support payment to the sainted Custodial Parent is due! FOR THE CHILLLDREENNNNNN

Is anyone here close to the finish line? We are! After today's payment, my DH will need to do this a mere THIRTEEN (13) more times!

The SK in question will then turn 19 and unless they're a full time student, that is IT for payments directly into BM's general operating fund. And this kid is EXTREMELY unlikely to be enrolled in school 12 months from now! Hey they might even have moved out of BM's house by then which would be even more excellent! If that were to happen, CS would end right there and then!! 

Anyone else care to share their number? Anyone closer to the finish line than 13?


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We are *not* close and it makes me sad.  *sad*

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8 more months and counting if SD graduates this year.  Right now, her grades are good but she still has a few more months to screw that up.

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8!! That's amazing! 

I am surprised to hear your SD, with all the excitement she has going on, still manages to go to school enough for graduation to be a thought. Is it a "special" school?

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She is in a "special" private school.    She has the potential to be a straight A student.    She does really good during the beginning of the year but she tanks at the end.   This school is more than likely going to let her graduate.

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My bid is OVER but when it was going on I couldn't wait. We celebrated and treated ourselves to an awesome dinner and drinks with that 1st check that BM didn't get.....

Congrats on being so close to the finish line!

Dance 4

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Ooh good point, WHAT to do on that final day. Or maybe on the 1st of the following month when there's nothing to be paid! Dinner and drinks....hell why not a weekend getaway!

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Munchkin and I were discussing this very thing last Sunday morning, while DH was busy working on a project, out of earshot.

We were talking about retirement and how her father does not have any $$$ saved for retirement. She felt bad, because I showed her the basic numbers. At 13 I think its ok for her to see the facts laid out, without opinions. She was a little shocked at how much annually has been going from our household to Toxic Trolls - aggregated it sounds like a bigger deal. $7,700 annually. This is for BOTH child support and spousal support.

She actually said that when she graduates high school she wants to get a job and make money to give to her dad to make up for it. So sweet! I responded with "the very BEST thing you can do to help your father is when you graduate high school, go to COLLEGE, get your drivers license, and get a job to support yourself well. Then you can help him

So, spousal support ends in 6 months!!! Yahoo, we will definitely be celebrating!!! Thats $300/month. Child support is $347, and he JUST paid it yesterday. We lamented the fact that child is not seeing any of that. A blanket here, a haircut there, but its really being used for general household expenses. Like the wifi that isnt working because Munchkins magic aura.


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O Lord don't even get me started on Spousal Support! I honestly don't think I could have stayed with my DH if he was paying that. Thank goodness BM moved in her boyfriend very quickly which where we are, counts as a new spouse which means no spousal support. That's awesome that it ends in 6 months! So difficult to imagine someone actually being legally married to Toxic Troll!

And good for you for showing Munchkin the bare facts! And very good that she read and understood those financials, rather than continuing in the denial or cognitive dissonance that we see on these boards sometimes!

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With the spousal support he does some in trade. So its not TOO TOO bad. but its still a tie to the ex,and we both hate it.

About how Toxic Troll got him to marry her - I continually wonder this myself. Apparently, according to DH it was because her father pressured him into it. Theyd already had the 2 kids, and he was guilted into going through with a civil ceremony and then a "wedding" for everyone to attend. When we were married, one of her texts on my wedding day was "hope 3rd time is the charm for you".

DH and I were discussing how she managed to "get him" and keep him. Towards the end it was because they had the kiddos. He went through a wild child phase and was doing a lot of crazy things. They met during this time and both decided to go the straight and narrow together so they have that bond. They were both fairly young at 25, so she wasnt so bad back then. Shes sort of like a big hairy gorilla now. A 220-lb short hairy gorilla. Not that Im skinny or fit by any means, but I can see my own toes.

Here in California, when the BM has a new spouse, it doesnt affect the child support, but the positive side is that we dont have to pay past 18 and graduate high school.

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Oh it's the same here, a new spouse for the CP doesn't affect child support one way or the other. The CP getting married or shacked up will end the spousal support though! 

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My OSS aged out two years ago but we kept paying his share because he is in school.  We didn’t try to get the CS lowered yet.  And I’m fine with that considering DH doesn’t really pay a lot since he has 50/50.  MSS is one year from being cut off.  Once he is done DH plans to go to court to get both MSS and oss dropped.  We are hoping al CS will end since we have 50/50 and pay for a majority of YSS’s expenses.   It will be another 7 years of CS if it isn’t dropped.

honestly I can see BM giving DH primary custody of YSS once MSS is out of the house.  She has always treated YSS like he is in the way and would want to pawn him off every chance she gets.  Mostly because he hasn’t fallen for her attempts at PAS

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We've got about 6 more years.....but for DH he only has 16 more months of paying CS for 2 one will turn 18 and then 6 more years for the  younger but it should be cut in about half.

As it stands....the CS that my DH pays out....I get almost to the dollar the same amount from my EX so whatever.

I cannot WAIT for it to all end....I am so sick of being tied to exes.

BM here is going to flip her shit when the oldest SD turns and her CS is cut in half. I literally think she may have to be committed. I am looking forward to the fireworks.

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Fireworks! Too funny!

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Yeah there was some grousing around here for sure when the older SK aged out of CS. Of course BM just turned around and started charging the newly 19yo SK "rent." So the standard of living didn't go down too much over there, thank goodness!!! 

I am looking forward very much to no more ties with exes! My communication with my daughter's dad has dwindled to nothing and it's amazing. Also once the CS ends for the youngest SK, I will give it a couple of years and when I feel confident that there will be no more demands, no more going back to school, no more margin for motions for "back" support....then I'll feel comfortable having a joint bank account with my DH and filing taxes together, which will be nice.

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We have 1 year, 10 months and 6 days until the last skid is 18 and done with school. I told DH that the last CS payment will be deposited on the b*tch's porch in unrolled a bucket filled with maple syrup. At least that's my fantasy! Lol

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I am done with that countdown, thank God, and have been for 10 years. Ten years, this month, as a matter of fact.

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and from what I am told my SD20, North Korea is very much hurting financially. She spent and out crap on the credit card like it was ending. In fact all the early half of the year she had a pool and jacuzzi built with an outdoor kitchen . It is surrounded by a very expensiveooking fence with all new pool furniture. Let’s not forget her flying to New York City for all those senior photo sessions and the plastic surgery. So she just stole SD20’s check for her books for college. Straight up added her name to to the chec life after SD’s name And deposited it in her account cause she can’t make the credit card payments on her $80k credit card debt. 

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Let me pay you more than you earn at your part-time liquor store job for the waste of oxygen, lying, PASing, dumb, BM.  Then fireworks will explode because her paycheck is gone (the liquor store job is just for booze discounts).  


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This is what I wait for. We have about three more years of alimony (CS is stopped for now as BM hasn't been allowed to even be alone with the skids since her psychotic breakdown last year) but I know there will be a sh*t show as soon as the alimony checks stop, because her entire lifestyle is funded by DH's checks. I have the popcorn ready because it is going to be epic!!

Disclaimer: This is CA and they were married for more than 10 years and she is mentally ill so I think it's totally possible we will be back in court with her claiming her mental illness is a "change in circumstances" and she needs additional years of alimony. 

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Holy buckets I hadn't done the math in ages. Only 8 more minths/payments to go. Woot!!

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7 years 8 months until graduation time!!!! Although if he drops out it will only be 6 years and 4 months. I’m hoping he makes it through though because the world is tough enough without being a dropout!

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I’m sorry to hear that. My husband, and the other people  who’ve commented, always paid the CS in full and on time. Nice attempt to guilt us but it’s not gonna work. Bye!