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Continuing StepTalk Feature: Monthly Child Support Countdown!

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Here is a fun countdown that I am trying to make into a ST tradition, LOL.

It's the First of the Month and we know what that means!!! Yes, the Child Support payment to the sainted Custodial Parent is due! FOR THE CHILLLDREENNNNNN

After today's payment, my DH has exactly TWELVE (12) more payments left! Yes, November is the Birthday Month to end all Birthday Months! 

Exactly 1 year from today, DH can send off the last payment to whats-her-name. I suggested that he write in the Comments field or Memo line: "ADIOS" or maybe "GOOM BYE!"

Anyone else care to share their number? Anyone close to the finish line? 


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Oh that's amazing! Now I want to run that same experiment and see if SKs here notice it or guess what it means.

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Too far off to start counting.

In fact, for us, it's more likely the Maggot Queen will die before the end of our 7 year wait.

On my side of things though, DD is 1.5 years away until I never ever have to speak to HCBD or see his psychotic face ever again!

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Child support is a ways to go unless Crazy's raise and the new custody changes things, but only 10 more months left of alimony to that crazy b*tch!! Woop!!

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retirement and end of CS for the houseshitter. hopefully YSS will emancipate a little early (before 21). he will be 17 in 2 months and is on his way to a career wearing orange.

In any other NORMAL area the countdown would be 14 months, aka a month BEFORE I retire

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What a great question! Would it depend on whether they're tried as an adult and go to adult jail?

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so felons up to age 22 are considered kiddos per King Andrew.  Yet they can vote and have CS on their behalf

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Personally I think felons should be able to vote.  But we feel very differently about our state's liberal laws.

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Now that matriatchy support has ended

Here's a list of side hustles:

Uber/Lyft driver

Survey taker

Call girl for the blind and sight impaired...

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YES!! Staple that final check, to a page from the local newspaper want ads! Take a red pencil and circle any ads for a dishwasher at Hooters, and/or a toilet cleaner at the local strip joint!

Maybe a link to a Sugar Daddies web site.....

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will have to look at the memo feature of the electronic check since Chef is self employed and they don't yank it out of a paycheck before he sees it

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Yeah DH here pays the CS directly as well, just through an e-transfer he sends to BM. I don't think he would like having the payroll witholding. That would be a bit embarassing. Although I know it's standard procedure in some places.

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I have an ipone app for my 2 countdowns, but I am looking for one that displays in years and months. My two show days only.

Child Support/Toxic Troll Support: 4 years, 7 months

Spousal Support: 5 Months whooot!!! Halleluja!!!!

It will cut the Trolls support from him in half.

And she is still jobless. And her workmans comp payout is dwindling down because she is not thrifty and must travel for dudes.

And her resident mooch, er Feral Forger daughter, is also jobless.

So - Im thinking it will be a ood year next year. We start off as home owners. We get raises, I get another retirement account. Will start investing in life insurance for DH. Will be remodeling old home. Will be working out, and self-improving.

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Wow CLove, this all sounds amazing!

Will you give us a special update once the spousal support ends? I need to know TT's reaction to that!

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Ill be dancing in the streets, singing the song "cry me a river"

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Ooh, remodeling. Will you be hiring somebody or DIY? What kinds of things are you wanting to do to the house? I know it's off topic, you can PM me, if you want. I love that stuff.

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Fortunately child maintenance is long gone but the end to DH's spousal support was interesting. BM refused to work from the point she had OSD but then her parents died quite close together so she received an inheritance and didn't need to. DH told her if she didn't agree to drop the spousal maintenance he would go after half of her inheritance. I'm certainly not sure we'd have won that one but it wasn't a risk she was prepared to take. 

So, it all got sorted in court and that evening, BM felt she needed even more of a drink than usual to drown her sorrows. They live in a house where you need to go up steps to the front door so there is a handrail to stop people falling onto the drive 6ft below. They had a skip (dumpster?) on the drive and BM was so drunk she fell backwards over the handrail and landed upside down jammed between the skip and the steps. Think Wizard of Oz with the Wicked Witch of  Wherever's legs sticking out - only these legs were sticking out vertically. Police AND ambulance were called to retrieve her. Smile

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Only six more payments to go on the younger step! After 15 years of payments, I can almost taste the freeeeeeedom!

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after he turns 18 then only another 14 mos. to go.  we go into our 16th year of reverse ransom.