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Summer has begun...and SS15 is a Summer teen ARGGH

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One of my biggest pet peeves with my SS15 is his oppositional nature and backtalk. It doesn't matter what I say to him or ask him to do; he has an argument or sometime smart to say back. It has gotten to be problematic.

Yesterday, we as a family went to the movie. Finally got to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Chris Pratt...yummy!) He was backtalking and being a little turd prior to leaving. I told him...I was tired of hearing it. He would face consequences if it continued. It did. I didn't say anything; I just looked at his dad and made a motion that let him know I was DONE.

We went to the movie; he was fine...once it started; but was mad that we weren't getting snacks.

Then last night before bed he continued being smart mouthed and unpleasant.

Fast Foreward to this morning...I am getting ready for work. I hear him and his dad talking.

"...After that can I-
"No. You won't be playing video games this morning--"

At this point DH gets distracted by household emergency with the dog knocking something over.

"Will I get to play them later?"

"Pecan?! I need your help in the kitchen."


"I had plans to play my games today...."

"Okay, Here...let me help you clean this up..."





When DH and I get through with the clean up, DH says, "I don't care what you had planned. You don't get video games due to your behavior yesterday."


I go and sit down on the couch next to SS15.

"Listen, closely. Do not say a word until I am finished. You know your actions have consequences. I told you yesterday that your backtalk and unpleasant behavior was going to have consequences. But you kept it up. You were extremely unpleasant and disruptive yesterday and last night. You do not have video games today."


"Stop...Think about how your respond right now...because it will affect tomorrow."

He started pouting. Pouting is fine. Whatever. DH can deal with that.

Can it be Fall yet?


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Sounds like you two got it working out well together at least.
His behavior seems like that of a normal teen from what little is here.

Your DH set a good consequence, didn't get side tracked, and you helped finish the conversation.
Good luck on your summer.