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I know this shouldnt bother me like this...but it does.

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Dh called me at work a little bit ago and mentioned that the baby (10months) was walking for the skids and bs3. They were all in the baby gated area in a triangle and the baby was walking from one to the other.

Thing is....I don't want the skids around my baby. My skin crawls whenever they interact with my kids. They take any opportunity to be mean or cruel to bs3...I don't trust them. They will act all nice and innocent until you turn yor back then they act like asses. They are so gross....currently its been a week since they've bathed...I don't want their nasty hands on the baby. I don't even want them in the babies area, since they always bring in and leave small toys that he can (and has) choke on.

I bet it was a really cute and sweet moment for dh. But now I am going to be stressed and agitated all day thinking about them being near my baby.


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They are ten and eleven.

My dislike for them began 4 years after we all moved in the together. After 4 years of busting my ass for them I realized that we were making no progress in their behavior. Didn't matter how much time or effort I put into them....they just wanted to be assholes.

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I understand how you feel. I felt that way with my cat around stepdevil14. DH and I can't have kids together and my DD is 6 mos older than SD and can hold her own.

My kitty is like my baby and whenever SD was around him, I was on her like a hawk telling her to PUT HIM DOWN (He hates to be held) and leave him alone. Get your grubby hands off him! So I'd told her several times not to play rough with him when he was a baby, because when he's full grown, 8-10lbs and he nails her with his claws or teeth, she'll feel it and then get mad that he retaliated. I caught her several times playing too rough with him! Once he got to be about 6lbs and didn't put up with her shit anymore, he did sink his teeth and nails into her arm and of course she wailed and cried and got all pissed off that he HURT her. "WHY IS HE SO MEAN?" She asked! Ha! YOU made him that way and he's only mean to YOU.

After that, I banned her from even touching him and she said "Good, I don't want to touch such a MEAN cat anyway".


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You can't help how you feel. You feel that way for a legitimate reason. You know their history. Just try and get thru the day until you can hold that baby in YOUR arms. Smile

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Yikes.. I know how you feel, dear. SS6 is not nice at all to BS2. When BS was only 8 months old, SS(5 at the time) kicked him in the face so hard, baby literally did a backwards sommersalt.. and DH watched the whole thing. I about lost my shit.. DH just said, "he didn't mean to hurt him".. really? Bullshit.. he did it on purpose.. and when I asked him why he would hurt his baby brother, he said "because he was in the way and I couldn't see the TV".. mind you, the TV is 6 feet off the ground, hanging on the wall.. hmmmm. I told him if I EVER saw him put his hands on the baby in a mean way ever again, his dad was going to bust his ass and do to him whatever he did to the baby. It actually scared him straight for a while.. until last weekend. BS was jumping on SS's bed.. SS didn't like it.. said only he is allowed to jump on his bed.. so he elbowed him in the face and busted his lip. SD8 came running into the bedroom where I was hanging up clothes and told me what had happened (hehehehe.. this is one time I didn't get highly irritated with her constant tattle-telling).. then she said, "Want me to go tell daddy he needs to come in and hit SS6 in the face and make his lip bleed?" I literally LOL'd.. DH was outside BBQ'ing dinner. I told her she sure could go tell daddy what had happened, but to let him decide how SS6 was going to be punished.. and I let her take BS2 with his fat, bloody lip, outside with her. DH was enraged and so very upset with SS6.. so angry that he had a talk with him.. yep.. that's it.. he had a "talk" with him.. this is the 2nd time he has hurt the baby bad enough that it left marks. I can guarantee that if BS11 EVER hurt any of his siblings like that, I would knock his ass into next week! Mean-ass kid!!