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Fuck you dh, fuck you and all your expectation!

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We saved 75% of our tax refund this last year to buy Dh a newer used car. I held on to the money until last month when he was ready to make a purchase. In the two weeks he had it until he blew he 800 of the 4000. He bought a car last weekend using the 3 he had left as a down payment.

On Monday bm2s tac refund was finally released to us. We knee it was coming and had discuessed and decided that he would put all that money towards his car loan. He got a more expensive car based on this discussion.

Last night he bought a tablet and a new cell phone online with that money. I'm pissed. All year we don't differntiate which expense is for which kid. So I pay for half his kids food, half thier daycare, I buy all the clothes and toys. But he feels that the child support money is HIS because its for HIS kid?! If that's how he wants it, fine. He can pay ALL his kids expenses all year. I am done being a door mat. Done being a second class citizen in my own home.

This is the last straw in a long line of comments and slights this weekend. Made a snarky comment how I ink take pictures of my kids..... Because I posted one to fb of the baby and none of his kids. Umm, your kids were in school all day. Nevermind the last two weekends I did take and post pictures of all the kids. And he flipped out yesterday because his kids ate expected to wait until Tue little kids are out of Tue car before the get out. Well, they are in the back of the van, and the little kids car seats are in the middle row. Of coarse they wait, otherwise they are climbing over them. Went on a whole rant that his kids won't he treated like second class citizens and told them that they can get out of my car first from now on. Once again undermining my authority.

So this morning after we fought about him spending bill money on stupidness yet again, I packed up MY kids and took the to Busch Gardens today. He woke up as I was clicking the infant into his cat seat... He's pissed and I don't give a fuck.


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He used CHILD SUPPORT money to buy a tablet and cell phone for himself???

Isn't that the SAME thing we grumble about BM's doing?!?

Wow. Can you guys just keep separate finances and be done with it?

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Yep. Neither bm pays their child support, so its only once every few years that the federal gov steps in and holds a refund (adhd fraction of what they actually owe at this point) so we get it as a rare lump sum.

It was supposed to go towards paying down the debt that we've accumulated over the years from raising his kids.

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This just pisses me off. I can't stand when BM does this crap. You don't deserve that, your kids don't deserve that, and his kids don't deserve that. He is treating ALL of you like second class citizens by doing spending it on himself. Selfish BS. I agree you should make HIS ass pay for everything for HIS kids.

Hope you guys had a great time at Busch Gardens! That place is super cool. Wink

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Don't blame you hon. Glad you got to have a fun day!!

My DH has done stupid things like this, actually on an ongoing basis. BUT, after 10 years married, he is finally getting to the place where HE is making money and catching up debt and FINALLY REPAYING ME for YEARS of paying for vacations, etc., actually CHARGING ON MY CREDIT expenses related to visitation that he denied for a long time.

He still refuses to admit that I 'carried' him on this for a long time, but I have to say I do keep reminding him when appropriate. :evil:

I think it hurts men when they can't provide because of child support/threat of jail if unpaid, etc. and no matter how little sense it makes, they resent having to depend on a woman to get by. Hopefully he will have his tiny bit of fun (separate your money today!!!!!) and then REPAY you one day.

fingers crossed!

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Wow, just wow! :jawdrop: DH needs some major clarity applied to his cranium with a blunt object. IMHO of course. Time to sell his tablet, phone and car and get your family resources back. I would serve him with papers for separation and an CS just to shake some activity in to his skull.