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Can anyone relate ? Please ! BM VENT TIME

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I am a SM of 3 wonderful children and BM to 1 amazing little girl , my step children live with me and DH 10-11 months out of the year and spend time in the summer with their BM in Az (i live in PA) I just get so frustrated with my stepchildrens mother, she barely calls them but every other weekend at the most her child support is only 200 a month right now because my DH was trying to be nice and give her some time to straighten herself out (she was supposed to pay 700) and get into a stable environment for the kids when they visit , which she has not done in the last 2 going on 3 years. My stepchildren are great and they do look to me as a mother but they will always love their Bm of course . I just dont get why she doesnt see the neglect that she is committing ? She lives with her boyfriend in a 2 bedroom house and doesnt even provide beds for all the kids while they are there , she even had the balls to call and ask if we were going to send "her" money to her while the kids visit this summer !Its adjusted to figure in the time that they spenD with her already which is also calculated at 90 days to which she hasnt had them for a total of 90 days in 2 years. UGH I AM JUST SO FRUSTRATED and dont even want to send them to her this year. my stepchildren (13 , 8 and 6 ) came home on mothers day and gave me all their handmade gifts from school ! it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me , they didnt call their BM and sorry but my husband and I wasnt forcing them to call her either , she called a few days later crying her eyes out to my DH and yelling at him for not having the kids call her on mothers day ! I am just so fed up with her and need advice on how to handle her.


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There is no court order for custody in place as of right now only child support . We will be getting custody set this year though (had to save money for a decent lawyer). But thank you for your advice I just needed to go on a rant about her to get it all out I guess she obviously has no intentions on having my stepkids anymore than 2 months out of the year which is fine by me and DH,oh did I mention her BF had a vasectomy ? What kind of man dates a woman with three children when obviously he never wants to have children ? ok (big exhale) that is all the BM bashing thanks for listening Wink