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How did i get here?

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How did i get in to this situation? If some one asked me 10 years ago that how do you see yourself in 10 years? I would say i will finish my master in university, maybe starts a phd like my family memebers. I will have a good job, i will own a cat and a dog. I would marry a nice man who really loves me and maybe have 1 kid. 

But now i just have the cat and dog in my life! Which i can not even enjoy my time with them, because all the time i'm angry, or deppressed or upset or crying. 

I would neber believed that i would be in this discusting situation... With a man who married before? And has a child from previous life? And the child is in my house every bloody day? And i will pay for that brat? What the hell... 


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PB you need to leave. You need to. 

What can we say to encourage you that you are strong enough to do so?

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PB  have you gotten any further with figuring out how to end this relationship?  

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Hey! Getting your own bank card is progress! One step at a time. You can be happy again. I know it doesn't feel like it, but I promise that you can be. You're a good, kind, strong young woman who has a great life ahead of her. Try to stay focused on what you want in life and make one decision at a time to move you towards that. 

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You're asking the wrong question.  While it's a legitimate question that can be hashed out in therapy at some point in the future - to make sure you never end up in this situation again - the question you need to ask now is "How do I get out of this situation?"

You can have the things you once dreamed of for yourself, but not while you're with this man and his kid.  You need an exit plan.

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Have you contacted your parents for help? Have you called any of the women's shelters for advice?

Those would be two good places to start.