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Family dynamics

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I'm currently 34 soon to be 35 years old. I have an almost 17 year old daughter and almost 16 year old daughter with ex "has custody"

My husband is also 34 will be 35 near the end of the year he. He has a 15 year old son who is developmentally 6-8 years old per doctors. This is caused by nurture not by nature. He is also end stage renal failure and on dialysis. He has an eviscostomy, a c-costomy, a hemodialysis catheter in his chest, scheduled for peritoneal dialysis catheter, fistula in left arm, then eventually a ileovesecostomy. He is on 3 types of binders, blood pressure medication, PTSD pills, long acting anxiety pills, pills for nightmares, an emergency anxiety medication, renal vitamin, iron pill, blood thinner, antacids, and a few others. He is currently hospitalized indefinitely.
We have 22 & 21 year old roommates/foster kids who live at home. Currently have a freeloading female who is 30.
Hubby works 6 nights a week 8 hours a day. 31 year old works day shift but pays no rent or bills because "she is trying to get her own place" was supposed to clean the house in exchange for a roof over her head but hasn't/doesn't. 22 year goes to work with my husband 5-6 nights a week. Makes no money but saves time, hassle, etc. makes husband job easier. 21 year old quit his job, has another job lined up but it's one of those "work from home" gigs. I have a seasonal job doing housekeeping for local hotel/rental agency. Not in season right now thank goodness. 15 year old is currently hospitalized long term/indefinitely while we fight biological mom and children's services for custody.


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Sounds like a tough situation. As HRCity asked.... and??????

I do have one question though. Why do you and SO tolerate 3 adult freeloaders in your home?

Time to boot some adult freeloader ass out of the house IMHO.

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If your DH so sick and you have tons of kids at home and you only work seasonally (why?) then why are there adults living at home and doing almost nothing?

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This is some seriously interesting dynamics at home. Good luck with that!
Why are you fighting for custody of a child that is institutionalized?