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Such a good dad

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I was rescuing books from my storage shed (I missed them!) and found one that was given to me: ‘The Verbally Abusive Relationship’.

Along with that book, I tossed my antidepressants, anti anxiety and sleeping pills (that I haven’t taken in ages so it wasn’t a cold turkey ending). It was liberating.

But the real reason for this blog is that ExH was going to take Mr Toddler tomorrow morning at 6:45 when I worked. He just texted and said he has ‘company’ tonight and would rather pick MT up later in the morning.

‘It’s ok for you to date’. . .

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Well ExH had time to calm down after losing his mind because I was on a ‘date’. This is why I was using Tinder and seeing guys who weren’t local. I thought he might try some crap.

Last Wednesday, I had to stop at his shop to get a paper from him. He was very nice to me and said he talked to his friend - who also happens to be a friend of my date - and friend told him to back off. Friend said date is a nice guy and I could do a lot worse.

ExH is acting like a crazy BM

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ExH has gone off the deep end and I’m starting to wonder if I will ever have peace.  We split last fall. I’ve been keeping a low profile since then, until recently. I did go to a fish fry on Friday with a date and all hell broke loose.


ExH was supposed to have Mr Toddler all weekend but he brought him back on Saturday after he found out I was stepping out. Apparently some customers of his texted him that they saw me at the supper with a date.

Dam* it! It was going so well, too!

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Future MrX (I call him Local Tinder - LT) became X a lot quicker and I am sad. We really had some fun too! I was hoping he would last a while. . . Sigh.

He has 2 boys from his marriage. They are 8 and 13. He totally dropped a bomb shell and broke my wicked SM heart by telling me he doesn’t force his kids to do anything!

Tales from Tinderland

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Can’t believe how much fun this is. . .

I’m on other sites but Tinder is a lot of fun. Not all hook ups.

Met some fun people and unmatched from a bunch more. My Ex popped up and I couldn’t swipe left fast enough.

Local Tinder guy sent me flowers yesterday - to my hotel I’m at for training this week. 3.5 hours away.

OT: my profile and Mr. Right Now

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Soooo, it’s been a week of online fun and quite interesting.

My sisters and nieces made it a family project to help me date online. My niece suggested Tinder. I went on it and created a profile not knowing it was a hookup site!!! She is not my friend anymore.

But, I made a killer profile and my tinder is blowing up. I wrote:

I love to hold hands with my boyfriend and take long, romantic walks on the beach . . . Until the alcohol wears off and I realize I’m dragging a stolen mannequin around a Wal-Mart parking lot

OT: The Wonderful world of online dating

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My sister recently got tired of hearing how Ex won’t leave me alone. She also got fed up with my insecurities from all the garbage he spewed at me, like how worthless I was and how no one will ever want me.

So she signed me up for online dating. I really fear for humanity now, based on what I’ve seen. I thought you all would enjoy a laugh with me:

Guy1) is 65 and I am 42. I was able to read between the lines on his profile and he is unemployed.

ExH tried to dump skids with me

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Poor ExH is really desperate these days.

After screaming at me because I reported he no longer lives with me. We had low cost insurance but since we aren’t together anymore, he no longer qualifies. He was notified 30 days before his insurance ran out but only looked at a new policy at the 11th hour. He was shocked at the cost and it’s my fault, of course. First time he has had insurance is the time he was with me so he’s gotten a free ride until now.

OT: Decluttering and Organizational ideas

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Since I have downsized and moved from a 5 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom townhome, I need to purge things. I’m not doing a very good job so far.

I am also - for the first time ever - wildly unorganized. I lost a set of keys. I missed an appointment. Those sort of things.

Does anyone have any good resources or tips for those areas? I love reading and am desperate to get my life back on track.

Thanks a bunch, I feel I am drowning over here.