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Really, that’s all you expect?

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I finally spoke to idiot last nite. I just couldn’t hold back after I walked into stepspawn's room and saw the complete devastation she left after the Easter break marathon. I wish I could post pictures here because it’s THAT bad that I want to share it. Sort of like when you open old milk, sniff it and get whacked in the face by the scent of curdling cream and shove it in your partner’s nose for him to sniff it too! 

Am I in South Beach?

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I’m a people watcher, I admit it! I believe you can learn more about a person by sitting back and watching them work a room for an hour than you can from having a Q&A session with them. When you ask someone a question it only takes their brain a nanosecond to formulate an answer, and there’s no guarantee the answer is truthful or what they want you to think. But when you watch someone without them knowing? Oh the information you can glean is invaluable!


Life of A Woman Who Lives With A Guilt Parenting Dad

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I’m not long winded in my real life but have learned to express myself through writing. It's one of the few things I do for myself to keep my sanity.

I'm in the beginning phase of "uncoupling" (trying to be fancy and PC here lol). After 11 1/2 years living with Disney Dad I need to regain the little piece of me that’s left and nurture it back into the person I was before meeting this man.  

So here's something I wrote a few months back....