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OK my life just gor REALLY weird

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My ex lives in Australia. We get along OK. I have remarried, he has remarried. It works.
My son was over for dinner tonight with my DD, SIL, YSS and DH. DS gets a call from his best friend. His car has broken down. All the guys head out to help his friend. They are all car guys.
1.5 hrs later they come back. With someone else. Yes, my EX has turned up to visit for 2 weeks. He is staying with my DS. OK. I can deal with this. Except EX and DH are getting along like besties. DH is taking EX to the range with his assortment of fire arms for some practice on Thursday.
I have fallen down the rabbit hole a la Alice in Wonderland.


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He's not staying with you for two weeks is he???

How the heck to men do this? I would rip his x to shreds and DH too if they expected me to live in a house with her for two weeks let alone two hours. Why are men okay with the ex?! It's so strange!

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I always thought it was awkward when ex-husband and new husband get along in movies. Never seen it in real life but I'm sure it exists. How can two men who've had an intimate relationship with the same woman be buddy buddy? More specifically, in the case of marriage and having children. That's so weird! I could never get along with my husband's ex-wife knowing they had a life together.

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DH gets along with BM1's hubby. They've been married for about 20 years or so now. Whatever happened between BM1 and DH when they were married is long over and everyone has moved on. All 4 of us hang out together when SS35 has parties at his house. In fact, out of everyone, I always end up talking to BM1 the most.

It's nice to get along and not have constant drama and b.s. I really don't think anything of it now, it's just another person I talk to. The distinct difference is that BM1 is NOT a narcissistic psycho whore....BM2 is. Getting along can happen when all parties are sane adults.

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Probably competing for accuracy plus the "Who Has The Best Toys & Accessories Wins" contest. Very akward for you, I'm sure.