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Gee, thanks SS for showing me how to start the dishwasher! Couldn't have done it without you.

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SO is out of town, SS' grandparents are visiting and "babysitting" awkward immature SS16. Grandma cooked a wonderful dinner for us. And I helped her finish loading the dishwasher while SS stood by and did nothing. Grandma needed help finding things in our kitchen. I got the soap pellets, which SS was in a hurry to show how he knew where they were, but wouldn't get them, just directing me and grandma. I put soap pellet in dishwasher and noticed SS16 was hovering over me.

Sarcastically asked SS if I could help him. He said, "No." And as I pushed pots and pans button and started to turn the dial, SS said, "It's just that normally we use the dial." I replied, yes, that's the ONLY way it will work.

Ugh. What a freaking dork. SS will you please get a life, a girlfriend, a friend, whatever I don't care. Just please do not stand there doing NOTHING to help clear the table and watch me and your grandma do all the work, and then instruct me on how to use the f@#$%ing dishwasher....Thank you!

I will count my blessings, though, grandparents were nice enough to drive 1000 miles to keep SS16 from getting lonely since he has NO life. Which means I can get the heck out of town tomorrow!!! Yay!

I'm probably going to work this into my report on my time spent with SO's parents when SO gets back in town. SO won't like it but I can't help myself. "SO, had a great time with your parents! And SS was even kind enough to instruct me on how to use the dishwasher." Biggrin I'll try to say it in a light hearted way, but SO knows I can be a real smart ass.


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Rising, I agree with you. I should have been. I had to freaking remind the dork to put the milk back in the fridge that he got out, so it wouldn't spoil. Dang!

However, there's some background to this. I'm biting my tongue as long as I can until after grandparents leave. It's a tricky situation for me. Although they don't spoil him all too much, they do make him do work, SS' grandparents drove 1000 miles to look after SS16 and be the adults in charge. And it was because I refused to be SS16's free nanny. And I refused to be the adult in charge of a kid who will not mind me. So I'm hesitant to be too hard on their grandson in front of them.

I really am grateful to grandparents for coming out all this way to cook for SS16 and keep him company, which I would never do if I did stay with him.

I guess I just don't want to seem too negative towards their grandson right now. I rarely see SO's parents, and I don't want their primary memory of me to be a negative one.

But after they leave and SO gets back into town, I'm hoping to find the courage to start laying down the law. It's really hard for me since I hate confrontation, but I only have myself to blame if SS continues to violate boundaries. I don't have much control over the laziness, but I can work on keeping him out of my bedroom, etc. I'm tired of playing king of the hill with this brat!

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Yep, that's it, Shaking, thanks. My SS was performing. I forget that just because this boy is really passive, he can still have an ego. SS just eats up the attention from his grandparents. Which is fine, but he better not do it at my expense! And his grandparents really are good people. They don't spoil him all that much, just the usual grandparent stuff, so I can't complain too much.

Yet another lovely new experience for me in step life Biggrin

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"Oh, great! You DO know how to use the dishwasher. Surely you know how to unload it, also. Thanks for volunteering to do that when the wash cycle is done."

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Bullet, good comeback! Lol. Although my timings not great I think I might use this next week to 'suggest' SS unload and load the dishwasher more if ten than he does!