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Does anyone else watch Dhar Mann? Usually the message is spot on but this one is just dumb. Lazy, spineless Disney dad teaches his daughter to treat GF like maid. GF realizes self centered BF was problem all along and leaves. GF is bad guy.


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I agree. His Daughter was lazy and could do her own dishes..but said "im sorry I'll do them next time" ...ummm you could do them now, is what I would've said. I'm sick of nobody understanding what it's like to be a Step Mom..nobody just meets someone they really like and is like Oh Yay I get to be a Step Mom and take care and live with a love child! I was almost 18 when I met my now Husband, and I was really upset when he told me after the first date that he had a son..i was too young and going through my Dads death, to make rational decicions to even understand or know what I was getting into. I also thought his BM would be mature enough to raise their son and not have ME do it for her. Boy i was wrong! Now we have full custody bc she is a drunk and never cared about their son or anyone but herself. She also has a second ex husband and 2 girls with him and she gave up custodial rights. She also lives 4 minutes away from us now and I really wish I could tell SS17 to take a hike to her house..hes lazy, lies, and acts just like his BM. I also don't want him around our 2 children, bc he already has purposely tripped my daughter and caused so much mischief in my home for years. Let's just face it..mixed families are screwed. That video pissed me off bc I know what its like to be the Step Mom. My SS17 told his therapist that I "rarely cook"..when I cook all of the time and his BM literally starved him. I wish I never met SS or his awful BM. I wish there was more sympathy and empathy for Step Parents. 

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Oof. What was with the dad's dopey, hang-dog face every time his GF brought up a complaint. Slumped shoulders...turned down mouth... "She didn't know...she said she's sorry..."


I'd have left him the first time he made that libido-killing kicked puppy face at me.