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Does anyone else watch Dhar Mann? Usually the message is spot on but this one is just dumb. Lazy, spineless Disney dad teaches his daughter to treat GF like maid. GF realizes self centered BF was problem all along and leaves. GF is bad guy.


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When we got married my Brutal Ex insisted I start using the email address that he created for me through his internet service. For a lot of things I did use it and now that we don't have the service, those emails are lost. Luckily for me, I'm squirrely and used my regular email address for a lot of stuff. Every few weeks I put a search term into that email address and see what pops up. So much stuff that will save my butt in the coming mediation and probably trial. 


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Trying to escape step hell. Disengaged from skids for years. Of course that made me hateful and manipulating. But being engaged was abusive and controlling. Never could win.

STBex keeps submitting declarations to the court to try to gain 100% custody of DD. This week it's that I stabbed BS with a fork, am selling pics of DD on the internet and only want communication with DD so that I can make her advocate for me for a second chance at the marriage.


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On Mother's Day Facebook showed me an "on this day" photo from 2015 and I had this sympathetic heart twist for my old self, like I was watching a movie with a sad character. The picture showed a nice cake and half full tea cups in the background but front and center was my gift, in a used cardboard box marked "trash". I remember trying to treat it like a funny joke but, with hindsight, it was a giant, brutal red flag about how my ex thought of me.