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could you imagine?

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Could you imagine a life like this?...

A friend of mine was telling me that growing up her BM and SM were BEST FRIENDS. She said they went shopping together all the time. Would often times take trips together and hang out all the time.
I am at a loss for words. You mean this actually happens in REAL life??????????

Personally, the thought of shopping with BM makes me want to gag, if you could see her wardrobe you would agree....that is if I didn't punch her first. Hahah. What about you? Could you imagine being like this with the BM


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Not even in my " best fantasy " aka Nightmare.
(Any dream with the cougar in it is a nightmare ) LOL

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well, this is an "aint never gonna happen" in this lifetime for me. i just ranted on facebook about what a money grubbing hoe she was and how if any of my friends were friends with her...then delete me because i can't stand her.....

so no, i wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire and i damn sure wouldn't even be caught in the same zip code as she is in. i can't stand that evil suck bucket sponge loser monkey.

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Lol. BM3 and I actually do stuff together all the time. I've been having hassles from BM2 lately, so BM3 typed up a nice letter and got it noterized about how she has never had any trouble coparenting with DH and I. She scooped SS12 on Monday and took him sledding with her son and then to Dairy Queen. She and I have some similiar tastes in some things, and we swap stuff back and forth all the time.

That said, I'd rather be killed than have to interact with BM2. She makes me physically sick. I literally become nauseous every single time she calls my phone.

On that note, now that I have an iPhone, I downloaded an app today where BM2 can have a phone number that she can only text, not call, and I've blocked her from calling me.

If she wants to talk to SD from now on she can text and I'll give her a time that SD can get on the computer and Skype her. She's not using my cell phone anymore after the shit she's been pulling lately. She has disappointed my daughter for the last time.

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Yeah no it would not happen ever here either! That wide load ever gets close to is the day she will never be found! Mess with me ok but mess with my kid NO!

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That's how it is here. We are kind of like what I call "Facebook friends." I do stuff with her, we hang out, but I give her the "status update" version of my life. Nothing she could use in court if it came to it, and once in a while it is a stretch because when we can't agree on something, we default to the court order. Any time one of us uses the court order to trump the other, it leaves hurt feelings for a few days, but everyone gets over it. Overall, it works for us, and I wish I could muster it to be nicer to BM2, but she is so bad to the child we share, I can't even pretend to be nice to her.

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My DH's ex and I were once best friends. Our kids grew up together. But she did a complete 180 and went from good wife and mom to complete ass. She's not the woman she once was, she has regressed back to being a 16 year old girl living with a 'daddy', thinking she shouldn't have responsibilities despite having 4 kids. The kids miss the times we would go out and have fun together. But they are glad that they did not lose eachother because of the divorce.

And just to make it clear, DH and I didn't ever have much to do with each other during their marriage. He confided in me, and I actually tried to wake her up and get her to stop the things she was doing and save her marriage. Only after their separation did he and I become real friends, and decided to get married.

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LOL! DH would LOVE for BM and I to be best buddies. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! Even after 20 years and her sleeping with everyone in town before he finally put her out, he still refers to the Golden Uterus as "the mother of my children". Whatever..... I don't hang out with whores.

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I don't think my H would have anything to do with me if I were friends with BM.

In 11 years, BM and I have interacted exactly five times. Once was when I told her over the phone that she couldn't talk to H unless she actually TALKED instead of YELLED. Once was right after H had proposed at a restaurant and BM/skids happened to be there. BM started freaking out and screaming as soon as she saw us. Once was when I walked up her sidewalk when BM & H were arguing and told H don't waste your breath, get in the car and we'd just take the bitch to court. The other two times were in the hospital and were uneventful.

But for some reason (and even though I have never yelled at her or threatened her - even to H), BM is really afraid of me. My MIL says it's because BM thought she was so smart but I've outsmarted her at every turn. I disagree because it's like BM is physically afraid of me. She's BIGGER than I am!! LOL

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Before my H and I got married his ex and I actually got along real well. My oldest BS15 even stayed all night at their house and went to a monster truck show with them. I think all the drama between H and the BM and the skids actually destroyed our friendship. I just couldn't deal with being in the middle of it all.

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sorry I don't shop at the bargain barn for my clothes and shoes so no,i have no fantasies about shopping and being best friends with bm.i'd have to grow eyes in my back to make sure she didn't try to stab me everytime i turned around.

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I don't think my H would have anything to do with me if I were friends with BM.
Definately my case... DH hates both BM's, they have done nothing but cause him agony and grief. I think it would be a slap in his face if I ever befriended either one.

Now that being said... pigs would have to fly before I would lower myself to be either of their friends... sorry I have nothing in common with trailer park dwelling, multiple illigitamate children breeding, system abusing, skanks. DH swears they were attractive and not total losers when he met them back in the day but I just have a hard time seeing that... he is without a doubt embarrassed that he ever associated with either... oh well.. live and learn.

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Lol that would funny..our bm is a shopoholic.Spending my so s cs money on really dont c that happening..She has good style..but mine is everything would be a damn compotition with it is now..No could not c that..happening.Shes to stuck up..wanna be for