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BM's Talons come out...

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:sick: And just in time for Christmas!!

For what ever insane idea I had, I got BM a christmas gift. I even made sure to buy her new boyfriend one.

She got them days ago, so I'm not sure why NOW she is swooping in like one of the wicked witch's flying monkeys.

Today, BF gets a text that starts off so nice. Lots of Thank yous for the christmas gifts. Appreciative. And then 5 seconds later (seriously) she's going on about how I am this "evil" person and that "the church going people are always the most evil" direct quote. I'm, according to her, trying to sabotage her christmas and I am "true evil". And blah blah blah.

Just thought you all should know that I am a horrible person, hell bent on destroying christmas. Whew. Glad we cleared the air on THAT one. Hahahaa


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Congrats on reaching the pinacle of Grinch status. If you have convinced a truly evil BM that you are evil just by being a decent person then you have truly got her exactly where you want her. Keep her dangling from the noose you have prepared for her.

Enjoy it Mrs Grinch.

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What is her basis for such a declaration of your evilness? Did you send her bath salts to which she is allergic!? LOL Smile I'm dying to know how you sabotaged her Christmas by giving her a gift. Maybe she thinks your trying to maker her look bad by buying her a gift thus drawing attention to the fact she thought nothing of you or DH and bought you nothing. I cant comprehend what these crazy "women" think seriously! Just a simple "thank you, merry christmas!" would suffice lady!

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I got her a set that has all these holiday treats in it and a little decorative wall hang thing for her apt. What I should have gotten her was a muzzle. Or an adult dog shock collar

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I am trying to figure out why on Gods Green earth you would even buy BM a gift let alone her boyfriend???? :?


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Well its for the skids to give to BM. They are too young to have an income of their own so I bought something for them to give to her.

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I buy both of my BM's gifts. I do it for myself...not for them. It sounds like you got her a nice thoughtful gift. She's the looser for not appreciating the kind gesture.