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Interesting Reaction

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BM was served this morning with the petition to modify custody. BF's lawyer said that she was uncharacteristically calm when he served her with the papers. He is used to her flipping out and making a scene, but she was completely the opposite today. I think that's because it was in a different venue in front of the DA and judge that she had never seen before, so she was trying to make a good impression and preserve her reputation (since it's ruined in both her county and ours). I also assume that she knew this was coming. BF's lawyer asked her, "BM, I just wanted to clarify some things. I have word that you are not only unemployed, but that now you can't afford to pay your own bills. Is that true?"
BM said, "Before I answer that, can I ask you how you got your information?"
BF's lawyer: "I'm sorry, I can't divulge that information." He didn't want to tell her that her own parents were our source.
BM: "Well, it's true."
BF's lawyer: "And are you currently seeking employment?"
BM: "I should have a job in two weeks."
BF's lawyer: "May I ask where that will be?"
BM: "The (her county) school system."
BF's lawyer: "God help us..."

BF said that if she does have a job in two weeks, great. That's all he wants is for her to provide for herself and SS. If not, then they will proceed as planned. Though we really highly doubt that she'll be getting the job that she claims because she's tried before and they turned her down, and now that she has a restraining order on her record, that hurts her chances even more. But we'll see. At any rate, she has 30 days to respond to the petition to modify (which is a 99.9% chance she'll say no) and then they'll go to mediation...which they won't be able to come to an agreement and they'll have to go to court. If she doesn't have a job by then, I don't know what the judge will think. They also continued the CS hearings until after our baby is born and the custody hearing will be taking place, which they assume will both happen in November.


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as she should be.

Oh Nymh...I hope your BF gets all that he asking for.

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Nymph - best of luck to you - looks like you guys might finally get somewhere...

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which was no reaction from our BM. We thought for sure she would flip out and call H to tell him a thing or two but not a word. I hope that ours is worried as she should be we have page after page of documentation of all her good behavior and her bad crap! I say even if she gets the job that your BF should proceed with the modification!