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SD20’s birthday today

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One more year of CS. She doesn’t live her mother and dropped out of college, but yay, NYS, almost impossible to get a judge to sign an emancipation order. She’s not self-supporting (supported by roommate, BM keeps the CS) and is completely wishy-washy about where she’ll be living 10 minutes from now. But at least the countdown is in months now.


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Yay for a countdown in months!

I think you and DH should plan a fabulous post-CS trip. Take plenty of pictures. Post them online for everyone to see. Send a very clear message when SD turns 21 that YOUR LIVES are going great while she and BM get to struggle for the rest of theirs.

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Yay for you! How ridiculous that BM keeps the CS money when SD isn't even living there. What happened to people have values and a shred of class and self respect?????

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Oh, but when he stopped CS for OSD, she sent him an email informing him that while it was legally permissible, it was morally reprehensible. This is her way of getting the money she believes he should have paid until OSD was 22.

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I'm SD18 has moved out of BMs home and lives in a home with other young girls....some with babies. Run by the county I believe. She can pretty much come and go as she pleases but there are rules. I really wish SO didn't have to pay CS for her to BM just because BM is so conniving - a real hustler. She doesn't give SD18 any money at all. Hmm.. that just made me think. The county takes the cs from SO's paycheck - I wonder if they're keeping it? Nah - can't be or he would've heard from BM by now.