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Warning: It doesn’t end even when they age out

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DH has a gig Saturday night and is making it Von Trapp family night - including both OSD28 and YSD24. I have to give them credit - they are extremely gifted singers. BUT neither one TO THIS DAY drives or has a car. He has to drive 12 miles in the opposite direction to get them and then 12 miles in the opposite direction to bring them back, for a total of 48 miles out of his way. Eyeroll.

It’s February 2019

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And YSD turns 21 in a mere 22 days. Tap dance!

BM had a sh!t fit when CS went from 25% to 17% when OSD aged out. I’m stocked up on popcorn for when she gets her final check on the 15th. 

Sixteen years, peeps. Sixteen long fecking years. 

Had I known what I was in for, I would have run. If you’re just starting in and looking down the long barrel of that kind of time, turn around and don’t look back. 

New name

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After being on this board for at least four years, deleting old blogs was next to impossible, there were so many. Plus it was depressing seeing all the crap I've been through. So I'm starting fresh. I no longer have stepdaughters; my husband has daughters, and I am definitely not the momma of them.