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OT: UGH! just UGH!!!!!!!!!

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So my uncle is in the hospital in the ICU.  You all may have heard me mention that my little sisters are identical twins and so are my uncles.  My mom had twins as did my grandmother.  So my uncle is a boilermaker and was working as a contractor in a Detroit plant owned by US Steel and was buried alive under hot ash.  He was dug out and has been on a ventilator. 

I have told you guys about this Uncle before.  When he was a very young man he was in a relationship with a woman who was a member of a cult.  One day he came home from work and all of his things was in the yard and she was gone.  It turned out she was pregnant and her family took her away and married her off to some weirdo in the cult to raise my cousin.  My cousin's mother escaped the cult and her weird cult husband and went on to remarry a very nice man.  This very nice man conducted my Uncle when my niece was 9 years old and told him about niece's existence and how she really wanted to meet her biological dad and my uncle never even knew she had existed.  He married and is still married to this day to a woman who is 20 years his senior and she was not able to have children anymore when they married.  Today my Uncle is 50 and my aunt by marriage is 70.  My aunt was a mean and hateful stepmother to my cousin.  My cousin is a beautiful and talented photographer who lives in a beautiful home with her husband and three children.  My side of the family is very close with cousin.

So that's the backstory.

My family doesn't get along with 70 year old Aunt very well.  They say she is controlling and cruel to my cousin. Anywho my 84 year old grandmother called the hospital when we heard about the accident to get news on my uncle and my aunt said she was not allowed to call or get information.  My other uncle, the other twin, flew all the way from Florida to Detroit and my Aunt by marriage wouldn't give him the password to enter the hospital.  This is my Uncle's twin brother.  They are CLOSE.  THICK AS THIEVES.  She wouldn't allow my cousin to have any information on her own father either.  So my mom called my Aunt and they got in a huge fight over the phone.  Various strange family members on Aunt's side started sending hateful messages to my mom on facebook.  The main one was Aunt's granddaughter.  So my mom said to her, "now imagine it's your father in the hospital on a ventilator and you want info on his condition and his wife won't allow it for whatever no good strange controlling reason."  and the girl responded, "YOU LEAVE MY DADDY OUT OF THIS."

My Uncle married into a toothless everyone is on welfare family. 


My Uncle came to.  He gave permissions to the nurses and hospital for his family to be able to visit and call.  So we got that taken care of.  He was doing pretty well.  My other uncle, the twin, got him a kick ass lawyer who has never lost again  US Steel.  His wife was in a hotel room paid for my US Steel and they gave her $1000 cash and she was ready to promise not to sue.  My uncle would call us or we would call him and he would just talk about the accident and how scared he was and how much pain he was in and what it was like to be buried alive and he would cry.  He has PTSD very, very bad.  He said he hopes he can get enough money to buy a boat and live in the Keys.    He is badly burned.  Not 3rd degree and not disfiguring. 


But yesterday my uncle almost died and they had to do CPR and resuscitate him.  He's not doing very well and back in ICU.       I don't know if he's going to make it.  You can bet though if my Aunt by marriage gets a lot of lawsuit money, she'll blow it all on cigarettes, booze, and her welfare toothless clan. She isn't very smart though.  I could see her taking $1000 cash with a promise not to sue.



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More prayers for your Uncle. He sounds like a good man and I can tell you love him very much, as the passion shines through in your writing.

Your toothless old mean aunt is just another example of why most poor stay poor.


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Your poor uncle! The burn unit is not a nice place to be. Hopefully his condition will improve soon.

For most big corporations, there's an attorney (or several) who make their living litigating against them. I hope your uncle finds a good one, divorces his wife, and then gets a huge settlement.