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Nothing to report here and it's grand not being in STEPHELL

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Still broken up. I haven't been posting because I've nothing to post. None of that step parent fun is mine anymore. Ex did say try to engage me in conversation about SD15 whom if you recall was dating a teen father. Teen father got arrested for domestic violence against his baby's mama. I don't even know if I murmured a reply. His other daughter sent me a snotty text message asking if I deleted her off of Instagram because she had a right to see pictures of her baby sister. Whatever. I told her I didn't really feel like seeing pictures of her dad's smarmy face on my Instagram feed and if she wanted a picture all she had to do was ask. Nicely.

Other than that the kiddos and I have been theme parking it this Summer. We got a Disney hotel. Swam at the Caribbean beach resort. Ate dinner at the Contemporary. We went to Adventure Island Water Park. We went to Busch Gardens twice. We went to Wild Adventures in Valdosta. We have been to the Springs a couple of times. Been going to the movies (Saw Jurassic World).

Oh.. my kids went to Summer Camp for a week down south in their other grand parent's town. They got lice. and while that was not fun (they all have really long thick hair), I'd gladly take lice any day of the week over my old life.

Lice or stepkids????.... Alex, I'll take lice!!!!