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My birthday weekend

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I'm 40 now! EEEK. So for the past few years, I have been going on vacations with my brother's exgirfriend and her two kids. They are close in age to my three of my daughters. I always pay because money is always tight for her. So I paid for us hotel rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort in Disney in June. We mostly hung out at the pool and we did Downtown Disney and I paid for lunch at the TRex Cafe and we ate at the Contemporary and saw the Animals at the Animal Kingdom lodge and watched the fireworks from the beach at the Polynesian. We didn't go into the parks. So she said "I am going to pay for a beach weekend for your 40th." And they booked two rooms at the beach for this weekend . She brought two teen half sisters we both use to babysit so we could go to dinner. We left Friday which was my birthday and it RAINED the entire time. It was pretty much pitch black outside. We went anyway and just swam in the rain whenever it wasn't lightning or storming. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner Friday night.

So Sunday morning I left for home at 10 am. My 7 year old was sick and vomitting. She said they were going to take advangtage of the sun shining and try out Long Key Beach for an hour or two. She asked to borrow our boogie boards and I handed them off and started the three hour journey home. I got texts at 10 at night but didn't read them. I woke up this morning and it was a not so happy text from the teen's mother. She said they were sunburned all to hell and looked like lobsters!

So my friend didn't spend at hour. She spent the entire day at the beach. I think they left at 7 pm. And didn't put sunscreen on anyone! And the teen's mom was mad at me. I told her I parted ways with them at 10 am and asked her why her teen, 16, and her sister (I think she's 16 as well) didn't apply sunscreen themselves. She babysits my 11 month old infant. "She wouldn't have put any on, unless an adult insisted."

Admittedly, I always bring the sunscreen on previous vacations and snack food and towels because my friend has ADHD and never remembers to pack it. In hindsight, I supposed I should have forced my sunscreen upon them but with a vomitting 7 year old it was not at the forefront of my mind. BUT I am a little disconcerted that this teen that I trust my baby with - Could not ask an adult for sunscreen. I asked the teen's mom, what about our mutual friend's kids that came along too? Did they not burn? she said they never sunburn which I find odd. They are both little blonde children with blue eyes and this is Sunny Florida on white sugar sand. She didn't put sunscreen on them either and they didn't burn??

Am I to blame in any of this?


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Happy Birthday! It's the naughty 40's time Wink 16 is old enough to put sunblock on.

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You're not at fault at all. WTF. Their mother sounds like a GUBM. And I wouldn't trust her kids with your infant.

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If they are trusted with the lives of children.. and assuming they would be in charge of putting sunscreen on the kids they should be able to handle putting sunscreens on themselves.