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Sylvan or Kumon?

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So my husband I were pretty dead set on Kumon a few weeks ago, partly because we were not aware there is also a Sylvan near us. Price wise, it seems Kumon is the better way to go, but we don't want to just look at price, but at what is most effective. Both do assesment tests beforehand. On paper, Kumon sounds like the better option as it is more in center learning, etc. just want to make sure in reality it is the better option. So anyone who has input either way would be awesome. Thanks!


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TBH, it's a complete money grab. You would have way better luck looking for a local teacher that does tutoring in the summer. Just my experience though! 

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I agree with this. Either will definitely be better than nothing. And probably better than what your SD has been getting in the way of educational support from her BM thus far. But they *are* a money grab and the tutoring she receives isn't likely to be very personalized. If at all possible I would highly recommend finding an experienced educator to work with her one on one. If you have access to any local "mom" or parenting groups on Facebook, I would leverage those to find specific contacts/recommendations. 

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I think it's probably six of one vs half dozen of the other. I'd go by what fits your budget and schedule best. SD will improve with either one.

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Look up tutoring by local and maybe retired teachers. Check Kimono isn't bad but I don't see much difference in results 

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I think it's difficult to say - either of them is only going to be as good as the individual providing the instruction.  I personally would opt for private tutoring by a local teacher, or I'd work with her myself using Khan Academy for Kids or a similar app. 

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If you go the teacher tutor route, you need to make sure you are dealing with someone who has experience with K skills. You can be a great upper grade teacher, and due to lack of experience with K, awful with SD's level.

You might get lucky and find a tutor. You also might have great difficulty finding someone this year. Lots of teachers are burned out this year. Covid introduced precautions that make lower grade teaching much harder. Covid sent some groups bouncing between in school and virtual learning. Many teachers, who would usually tutor in the summer, are not this year.