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SD's Final Evaluation with Tutor

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Yesterday was SD's last day with the tutor this summer and she had her evaluation. She MASTERED her capital letters, her lowercase letter, and letter sounds! SD also counted to 100, she did struggle a little bit at 60 and 80, but the tutor said then she counted to her tens and figured it out like we had taught her. All of SD's numbers were written correctly in direction, scale, and shape. At her first evaluation 6 weeks ago when SD came from BM's, SD had 5 of her 1 - 10 written backwards and the same weren't the correct shape or scale either. SD only knew 14/26 capital letters, 9/26 lowercase letters, and 16/26 letter sounds. SD could also only count to 12 correctly, she would always mess up 13 & 14 and could only count up to 20.

After tutoring we uploaded the pictures of the tutoring paperwork under education with the date like we have every tutoring session. In addition to that, we also messaged BM a picture of the evaluation from when SD came and said "SD's evaluation when she got here for the summer" and then we sent yesterday's evaluation and said "SD's evaluation today." Might of been petty, but we wanted to celebrate SD's progress and also have BM see it because who knows if she looks at anything we upload from the tutoring sessions, it doesn't show that information. Now there is proof that if SD gets the help and support she needs SD can absolutely progress. BM responded "Tell her good job!!! Thankyou."

Also kind of petty, but today is SD's birthday. BM has not messaged asking when she can call today or this weekend before today. As of right now, BM also has not even messaged to tell SD happy birthday, hasn't asked to call her today, nothing. It is only 10:30 am there so she has time, but I am just a bit irritated because BM puts on this big show of "I'll never be okay not talking to SD every day, but she has forgotten to call and it is looking like SD's birthday is not even on her mind. 

After DH called the district and the school to see what their policy was on transfer students and placing them in a grade, DH messaged BM letting her know that both said they would put SD in the grade that the outgoing school recommended. The reason he did this is we didn't want BM running her mouth to SD that she might get to go to first grade for SD to be let down that she is going to be repeating kindergarten. BM responded "Ok I'll still talk to the school." ...... Yes, BM because you have a magic wand that you can pull wool over the eyes of the school and district even though they are going to get SD's records or convince them to change their policy for SD who isn't ready based on their curriculum just simply because you want them to. Whatever, not our problem, we did everything we could on our end and now it is all on BM. 


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My only concern at this point is the full depth of "sharing" you guys have done with SD's progress to his EX could now be used by her as "proof" her child is ready to enter 1st grade.  A third party has evaluated and put her at those levels.. it's not just mom.. or dad advocating.. a third party "expert" has.  I'm not saying that information wasn't good "proof" that you guys are facilitating iimprovement.. but a more general.. "SD did great with her tutor this summer.. you really need to try to continue it when she goes back".

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ESMOD, we're sharing the brain today Smile (I just posted the same thing below!)

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Both the district and the school said it doesn't matter about any evaluations done and will not evaluate a student to move them up and the student will go in the grade the outgoing school said she should be in they will change their toon? For the kindergarten outgoing standards for that school, SD also needs to be able to read sight words, be able to read the words for numbers up to ten, and much more criteria that SD doesn't know yet in both math and literacy.

The district said in special circumstances after the school year starts with the student in the grade the outgoing school recommended, a meeting could be had with the principal about moving a student up, but it was very rare and only after school began. 

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I understand the urge to rub BM's nose in it, but you may have just given her the ammunition she needs to get SD promoted to grade 1.  She can show the before and after tutoring results and tell the new school that the evaluation from the old school was correct at the time, but now that she has had intensive tutoring she has caught up to grade level.  She can count to 100, knows all her letters and knows all her sounds.  With that improvement she may be able to convince them that circumstances have changed.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing.  If the new school moves her up a grade, you'll be able to tell SD that it was a result of all the hard work she did over the summer, and that she'll need to keep doing all that hard work to be successful in Grade 1.  And if they don't move her up and she repeats a year, she'll still be ok.  

I guess what I'm saying is don't be surprised if BM uses the information you gave her to get her moved up.  Either way, SD (and you two) get a huge congraulations on her accomplishments this summer!

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I just don't see it as a possibility when SD doesn't meet the outgoing criteria of this school for kindergarten. SD doesn't know sight words, she cannot read the number words for 1-10, plus other criteria this school has to move on to first grade.

There is a couple reasons we are worried about her moving on to first grade and one of them is that the same thing that happened last year will happen this year meaning extensive tutoring and work at home next summer too. In addition to not wanting to hurt SD's confidence if she was behind again, etc.

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behind at the start of the summer. I can understand why the school thought she might have a learning disability. Her progress is really amazing and shows not only the affect of working with a tutor but reflects how much you and her dad have worked with her, too.

It's beyond obvious that she will never have this support with her mother. So I wouldn't be surprised to see her needing summer educational support throughout her elementary years. It's possible that her new school district would work with you to help her over the summer with book lists and workbook ideas.

Okay, disclaimer: I'm a kids and teen librarian.

But one of the easiest and cheapest, not to mention fun ways to keep kids learning over the summer is to sign them up for the Summer Reading Program at your local public library. Basically you keep track of the books and/or amount of time kids read or are read to and there are little rewards for reading certain amounts of books or amounts of time. There are also free activities/programs for kids that you can choose to do but are not required to do. I highly recommend it!

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but still wasn't even close to her old school's benchmark to move on to first grade. If she was continuing at that school, would definitely want her to move on to first since all our concerns except for BM's uninvolvement wouldn't exist. 

Definitely, DH and I were working with her all summer in addition to tutoring, but the last twoish weeks have been doing even more because we saw how she still needed more. Her tutor noticed the difference from a week of not seeing SD because she was on vacation.

No matter what every child needs to do some sort of school work over the summer and are totally okay with providing her the support she needs, but we don't want every summer to have to be as intensive as this summer was. However, if she needs it we won't deny giving her that extra support. Just wish BM would step up as being a parent. We used elementary age work books, ABC mouse, educational songs of Jack Hartman, games that build on those skills, reading to her (which we have always done), and more. 

Oh, that is a great idea! Thanks for that information!