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SD cell phone

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SD came with a cell phone different than the one that she had over winter break. My guess would be that BM destroyed that phone after the CPS visit and didn't want to get caught with what was on that phone. Anyway besides that point the day SD was flying to us, BM said that they were connecting SD's phone the next day so SD could text, etc. DH did not respond to this message because we have no intention of having SD on the phone while she is here other than calling BM from it. The first time SD was to talk to BM on the phone, we turned the phone on and tried to call BM from it and it was directed to Verizon financial services for a payment to be made or it wouldn't work until then. Whatever, SD called BM from the CO app that now has a call function on it and never said anything to BM about it.

Well BM is starting some drama right now and was like "I provided a phone to make it easier." So DH took the opportunity to tell her the phone does not work and when SD tried calling her it said a payment needed to be made. Guess who did not say a word about the phone after that? BM, instead going on about something else. A couple messages go by and DH again addresses the phone and basically says so what is with SD's phone, you said you were going to connect it to be able to communicate with you. BM read the message and still hasn't responded anything at all to it or even anything at all.

What was the purpose of sending a phone, saying you are going to connect it, but then never paying the bill? Last time she sent a phone, it was wifi only and had a password on it. We didn't connect it to our wifi and didn't mention it at all. If you can't pay your bill for the phone, then just don't say anything about it and we would of assumed it was wifi only. 

What is funny is that BM did exactly what he said she would do years ago when they were making the agreement. BM originally wanted in the agreement that the parents would split the cost of a phone and cell phone bill for SD. SD was three at the time and refused to buy or help pay for a cell phone for a 3 year old. He also predicted that BM would buy the most expensive phone and plan she could and then not be able to afford it. So now the agreement says either parent can supply SD with a cell phone which BM has done from the get go. Three years later and here SD has an expensive smart phone and BM either can't afford to pay the bill or she can't handle paying bills on time.


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Because she is a mess.. and probably "planned" on paying that bill.. but her plans are not well laid.. and she doesn't have the money for it now.. and doesn't feel like answering questions about her poor money

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While on the subject of discussing things with BM. DH also took the opportunity to mention how SD said she never went to tutoring and BM's response was "she did have it but unfortunately off and on as her surgery and school schedule interrupted the times we tried to set up."

DH then said "If you could upload information about her tutoring sessions as I have been doing each and every tutoring session she has had then I wouldn't need to rely on our 5 year old daughter to tell me whether or not she had a tutor last year."

I was dying!

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Winterglow said it: BM expects you to pay that phone bill; some way, some how. 

Tell your DH to drop the subject and continue to use the CO App. If BM brings up the cell again, simply reply that the phone does not work due to lack of payment.

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Just would blow my mind her to think he would ever do that. Especially when she knows he doesn't think SD even needs a cell phone at her age. 

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If you connect it to your WiFi.  Can make WiFi calls. Text and emails.  
I would not get involved in cell phone plans for SD.  You know BM will be using that cell phone as hers. So she does not have to pay for a cell phone plan for herself.