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SD’s upcoming flight

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We get SD this Saturday from the new airport since BM moved the only direct flights from any airport near BM is to the airport 2.5 - 3 hours away depending on traffic away from us. DH is going to send BM a reminder message this week about all the flight info, resend the screen shot with the confirmation number, flight number, reservation number, etc. and remind her it is on the app's calendar already too for reference. SD has missed 2 of 3 flights from BM to us and we don't have time for SD to miss her flight and be rescheduled. DH and I are going up early Saturday to the city so we are in the area hours before, have our pet sitter coming to take care of our pets, etc. it is all lined up. 

Currently I am sitting in that airport waiting for my next flight as I'm traveling for work until Thursday. The nice part of having a layover here is I scoped out this HUGE airport since I had time to make it even easier when we come up in a couple of days. 

Luckily since it is summertime, SD will have light during her flight here. The flights from BM to us are always departing like 6-7 pm her time and over spring break BM only sent SD with paper and crayons, but majority of her flight it was dark so she got off the plane so upset after a 5 hour flight and nothing to do. We luck out with the flights from us always departing in the morning we can send SD with all sorts of activities, but since BM didn't want to send the phone after the winter trip, SD was bored stiff. With BM moving SD's flight is almost 1.5 hours shorter too so that is good news. 


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You would think she would at least send her with a little kindle tablet or something with netflix and a few movies downloaded! Poor kid, that is boring!

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Dh and I have been considering getting her one specifically for planes, but we all know the chances of it coming back. Plus like the phone that was "SD's" isn't actually hers and is her sisters. So we realistically want to wait for something like that until we know SD is old enough to take care of it and other people in BM's household including BM not break it or lose it, etc.

last trip we bought SD one of those pillows and requested BM send it with her for SD's flights. This will show us whether or not a travel pillow can succeafully make it back and forth.