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O/T - vaccine, shooting, and honeymoon

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Much has happened in the last week and unfortunately things will remain pretty hectic for the foreseeable near future. To go in order, DH and I made an appointment to get our first dose of the vaccine. Now that the Pfizer vaccine has been FDA approved and we are going to try to get pregnant, we decided it was time for us to get the vaccine. The good news besides the obvious is now that we will be vaccinated we are able to do what we wanted to do for our honeymoon. We booked our cruise to Alaska for our honeymoon in the spring 2022!

So the beginning of our weekend started off on a good note with the vaccine appointments booked and the honeymoon booked, but Sunday evening our week took a total 180. So Sunday evening we got a knock at our door and it is DH's friend who is also his co-worker. The co-worker informs us that their boss shot up the business they work for on Saturday evening and the business is a total mess. DH and I wanted to go make sure DH's stuff was okay, but the co-worker knew from the boss's fiance that they would be at the business for the boss to pick up his stuff. Now we knew the boss was not in the best state of mind from text messages he started sending in the group Friday afternoon, but never expected this. So DH and I wait until Monday morning to go over to the business because we knew DH is always the first one there. The business was a TOTAL mess, there was a fire extinguisher thrown through a window, glass everywhere, ash everywhere, bullet holes through client's property, bullet holes through DH's hoodie, bullet holes through several co-workers property including DH.

So Monday's plan was to talk to the boss's fiance because she said the boss was signing over his remaining part of the business to her and she was going to run it without him. The fiance already owns 51% of it so it seemed like things might be able to turn around. The fiance comes in and tells the employees that the boss shot up her home while she wasn't there, took her dog, and she was getting the locks changed, alarm codes changed, getting the business signed over, etc. Now today is Wednesday, the boss is still sending threatening text messages, last I heard from DH there is no confirmation of the business being signed over, and the company is not taking business in while things are being figured out. Needless to say the last couple days have been full of editing DH's resume, DH applying for jobs, etc. It has been so stressful. Now some of you may be wondering why no one has made a report against the boss and his threatening text messages, well the reason is because we learned after all this had happened is when the boss's ex wife made a report against him, he went and tried to kill her. 

Never thought things would get like this. It is super frustrating and upsetting especially since we moved all the way here for this job opportunity. Only good news is that DH has received more experience at this business in 3 months then he would of other places in a year or two. Luckily for DH's industry there are more jobs than people, so it will all work out just fine, but until we get that this whole boss situation can be put behind us it will continue to be very stressful.


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JAYSOOS!  Is the guy in jail?  That's extremely concerning and scary if he's not.

Still, get that vaccine!

EDIT:  the shooting up of the workplace SHOULD ALSO BE REPORTED!  It's a separate incident! It's a GUN! He shot up the office!

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which I  don't understand how that is possible. I guess I left that part out. He got arrested Saturday night and made bail, then he got arrested again Sunday night and posted bail again. The arresting officer apparently said I don't know how he made bail. HOWEVER this is all in Portland, OR where they have limited police force right now, etc. so it is not that surprising.

DH has been stopping by other businesses all day handing in his resume and trying to talk to hiring managers because this is just ridiculous even if the boss turns over the business until that guy is in jail I don't trust it will work out okay

Yep, still getting the vaccine Smile

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on Saturday night. They work in portland city limits and one of the shots he took outside the business and someone called the police on him

What has not been reported is his messages in the group that are threatening

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You don't have to give the police your name. Just direct them to his online insanity. motive. SOB shuld b rotting in jail without bail.

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Yeah it has been quite a mess!

I feel much better about trying to get pregnant with us getting the vaccine before trying! Thank you! We won't really be trying trying until Decemember, but took the first step with me stopping my birth control almost 2 weeks ago now!

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Thats stressful!!!

Heres to wishing you and your fiance best of luck and best wishes on all counts...

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I'm just catching up on step talk news. This is crazy. I'm glad that your husband and his coworkers are ok. Stay safe. 

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Yes me too and now my husband has an even better job with better benefits