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O/T - Bad Co-worker, well now Ex-Co-Worker

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Without giving too much away, I have worked for a pretty small firm for over 4 years now and now being on the West Coast I still work for the same firm remotely. One of my co-workers started the same day I did and the other co-worker had been working there for a year already when we started. I had posted before about another co-worker of mine being fired after refusing to get help after my boss had noticed she had been showing up drunk to work and became a liability to the company. Since she was fired there have been two individuals hired for her position. The first one quit after 6 months because her dream company offered her a position and the second one just got fired Monday. 

This blog is about the second employee and her termination. I have posted about this co-worker before specifically on Aniki's Eff Off Friday posts because I have had to pick up a lot of her work over the last couple of months because she cannot keep up with the pace of our company. I do not believe I have mentioned how she is also pretty aggressive in her emails and seems to think she knows better than anyone. With that said instead of focusing on learning to be more efficient at her job, she spent a lot of time trying to point out and correct things she thought the company was doing wrong and should be done a different way. 

Everyone knows I went away on a cruise for a week and during that time the co-worker who started the same day as me (who is in a senior level position) also tested positive for Covid. Luckily since she works remotely part of the week, she had not been in the office during the time she was contagious and tested positive before starting the new work week. This co-worker followed the CDC guidelines stayed home the amount she was supposed to and asked my boss if she could return Monday wearing a mask, but she wanted to make sure it was okay with our long time co-worker who is 7 months pregnant. The health department did not notify anyone in the our office they might of been exposed because there was not exposure at the office. This co-worker was fine with her coming in wearing a mask and so that is what she did. Well apparently all last week my boss forgot to mention to the newest co-worker that the senior worker had tested for Covid, but since they hadn't been in contact during the time and all the deadlines my boss was trying to meet with now two absent employees, it slipped her mind.

Cue Monday of this week, co-worker comes in with a mask to work and the newest co-worker asks what is going on. My boss then apologies for not notifying her and filled her in on what was going on and told her that she could wear a mask if she wished as well. My boss goes to her office to work and a few minutes later the newest co-worker storms into her office, closes the door, and says "there is some things I need to discuss with you immediately." To sum it up, basically my co-worker went off on my boss for leaving her out on being told about the sick co-worker, how she has someone immunocompromised at home, etc. My boss apologized several times to her, but the co-worker kept going off on her. Eventually my boss said, I have apologized several times now and I don't know what you want me to do to make this better. Well instead of cooling down or having a conversation then my co-worker went off saying "your business is crumbling," "you shouldn't of waited until co-worker was pregnant to look to hire someone, you should of been doing this a long time ago," "you don't know how to run a business," and other things I won't repeat because I would either have to explain further or would give too much away. My boss then asked her to leave and the co-worker opened my boss's office door, walked out, slammed the door behind her and walked out of the office. So yeah she has since been fired and the whole situation has been described to me as "as if she was quitting dunkin donuts."

My boss is a very understanding and caring individual so it was not intentional to not notify everyone about the co-worker being sick and especially when this new co-worker has already had covid from hosting a new years eve party, never wears a mask to the office or any of the several out of state traveling work trips she has had to take with my boss, and goes anywhere and everywhere with no concern about covid prior to her blowing up on my boss. My boss did mess up by not notifying the co-worker 100%, but that did not warrant that explosion and disrespect especially when this co-worker has been messing up left and right. Just two weeks ago she sent information directly to a client that should not of been and when my boss asked her to no longer communicate with clients without her approval, she went on to continue emailing the client on the email thread my boss is on and could see. I found out that apparently she has been sending emails to my boss in all caps and red font basically directing my boss to do this or that or saying how she should do things, etc. So very clearly she has a problem with authority. It also came out she has been costing the company money because of her not getting to the pace she needs to be which was why a few weeks ago I inherited 2 more projects on top of my load.

So thank you terrible co-worker for giving me extra work since you began and then now giving me an additional 2 more projects of yours since you are gone. Also, leaving us in a lurch because in July our pregnant co-worker goes on maternity leave. My boss has been searching for at least one more person to hire already, but has not been finding good candidates and now she needs at least 2. Thank goodness I had 10 days off and a relaxing vacation to come back to a more full workload. Woohoo. Wouldn't be such a big deal if our company was crumbling, but it is the exact opposite that we have to turn down work because we have too many projects already and every day almost more is rolling in. 


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Gads. Small consolation that you're going in refreshed after your wonderful vacation. *give_rose*

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all had the same office in our new office we relocated to in March 2020. I told everyone they should move my computer into the office with bad energy that I sometimes login to for files off the server and give the next new person my old office so maybe things will turn around LOL

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But I performed a cleansing ceremony on one of the offices because we had such bad luck with people going crazy in that particular area.  Everyone was convinced there was a pentagram underneath the carpet!  The new guy has moved in there was no trouble after 3 years now.

As far as lazy co-workers and ineptitude goes, Mrs. Headlights takes the cake at my job.

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I don't do any sage cleansing or anything like that, but I told one of my co-workers today that they should sage that office and get rid of any bad energy! 

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Sigh...brings back memories.  I observed that age and maturity don't always correlate.  I saw an older employer act like a spoiled brat and younger ones showing maturity.   As painful as it is short term, its always better when the volatile, immature ones go.

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I agree with you on that. I didn't realize until texting with the pregnant co-worker who actually became friendly with her while they were working together that apparently the ex-co-workers parents had created a successful business and sold it for a lot of money. So this had made the ex-co-worker become very entitled and as if she knew more than other people. The pregnant co-worker is actually mad because she tried to make it seem like she was standing up for her too and as if my boss was not being careful when one of the employees is pregnant. Needless to say that friendship is definitely over.

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Yikes, sorry. That sounds awful. If it makes you feel any better, I am dealing with some of the same BS. My coworker has auditory hallucinations and constantly thinks people are trying to get her and that her ex put a chip in her head to "monitor her." She just informed me that she got a concealed weapons permit. She refuses any medication and says she doesn't trust her counselor. So, when she goes off on a rant and gets sent home for the day, guess who gets to do her work. And now I am concerned about her mental well being and the possiblity that she might bring a gun to work. I don't think she would hurt anyone but you never know when someone is mentally ill. 


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I hope nothing bad happens and that eventually she gets the help she needs! Ah, I would be tempted to get her in for an involuntary hold to be evaluated, but that is not always easy. Totally sucks about doing her work! It is totally valid to be worried she might hurt herself or others just because she is not in the right frame of mind. 

Not really relatable, but when I was reading your comment, it made me think of this reality tv star who was on Big Brother and is now on a different show who was super paranoid and thought everyone was out to get to her and "conspiring" against her. DH and I love game shows, documentaries, crime shows, etc. all the way up to sometimes we LOVE trashy reality tv shows, it is our guilty pleasure from time to time.