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Friday Updates

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SD will be having a second assessment done by a Care Manager next week and completing a CANS (Child Adolescent Needs Assessment) at her school. The therapist then will reach out to DH with information from this assessment. The therapist will be out on maternity leave from July - October so this same care manager will be the one completing services with SD when she returns to BM in August. We are happy that they were able to arrange it before SD comes here for the summer. 

How typical, we are 23 days away from SD coming here for 8 weeks and 2 days so BM is being overly nice and cooperative. SD has been radio silent on her phone in communicating with DH and I since arriving back at BM's for spring break. We did see how SD at least with BM and SD's sisters texts could care less about their messages and just wanted to play games on her phone. I am interested to see however if between now and SD coming, we start getting messages again for BM to try and get us to let SD have her phone at our home more than 20ish minutes every so often.