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DH is getting his own conference!

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After DH reached out to BM trying to find a day and time they were both available, BM called the teacher and principal to see if she could request it to be separate. I guess after both parents complaining the principal finally decided they had no other option, but to offer DH to have his own, but it would have to be after fall break which is the following week after parent teacher conference days. Which in a way is frustrating because DH told the teacher and principal that the day it occured did not matter to him, but rather the time did, that it could be after fall break or sometime in October, etc. and they still wanted them to compromise on a day.

I didn't mention it beforehand because it was still up in the air, but the reason DH was so adamant about getting the time changed was because it was a posibility that DH's work was going to get a two week contract during the parent teacher days that would put him in the field completely out of service range during the work day. Because of it being a contract, etc. with his company he would be unable to even take the day off to attend the conference. Well, it has offically been set in stone that this contract is happening and DH will completely be unable to attend so that is good news that the school finally decided to let DH have his own conference during a time that worked for him. Sometimes field work like this pops up, but usually is only for the day or a couple hours in the day, but this is a new deal they secured and is great news for the company he works for.


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I wonder why BM wanted a separate conference. Probably there's something she wants to keep from your DH that he might not learn about if he's not on the phone with them.  

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Since BM's husband's schedule isn't lining up with DH's. BM did let dh in yesterday that there are some concerns about this teacher she wants to bring up in the conference and to be honest, we are so happy we aren't in that conference.

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Concerns about the teacher. Of course, BM has concerns. If SD is having any difficulty, it must be the teacher. She wants her husband there for the intimidation factor. For some reason, many parents think having a male at the conference will magically fix whatever her perceived problem is.

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Yeah, best your DH isn't tied to whatever criticism BM has of the teacher. Likely she's trying to blame some of SD's failures on her vs figuring out what she's doing wrong or admitting SD has learning issues.