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Christmas Break

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So since we are just over 4 months until Christmas, DH and I started looking into flights for SD to come since it is our year to have SD for Christmas. Since we are continuing to fly SD as an unaccompanied minor we wanted to look ahead as they only allow so many per flight, plus wanted to get a good deal on flight prices. Once we agreed on which days that are within DH's window of his visitation time, we booked SD's flight this morning. We will be getting her for 11 days!

Right after the flight was booked DH messaged BM to let her know he booked SD's flight, the dates/times, etc. and making it known SD would be flying unaccompanied minor again. Which by the way SD did amazing on the flights and feels like such a big girl! Plus both times she had other girls around her age in her row so she had friends both ways! 

Me being a smarty pants then added both flights to the calendar on the court approved app which provided all the information DH gave, plus a screenshot from Alaska Airlines which includes the flight numbers, etc. This way it is 4 months ahead of time all informaiton is given and should cut down on any drama. When SD was flying back to BM, BM kept messaging asking about SD's arrival time even though she had the flight number. DH ended up sending her the link to flight tracker and told her she can track SD's flight to get the information.

DH messaged that we added the flight info to the calendar and shared it with her and only response given was "Thank you." 

There still could be drama ahead on the issue, but seeing as all went well last time, all information was given 4 months ahead, etc. hopefully this time around there is way less drama regarding visitation. Crossing fingers, but not being optimistic!


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Sounds like a plan. Just remember that this far out there is a possibility of the airline changing flight times. We are supposed to be traveling at the end of October. Both outbound and homebound flights have changed -- the homebound one twice (Delta). Airlines are tweeking their flights due to petsonnel and Covid. Luckily for us, both work better than the original flight. But, I expect that could change before we leave.

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Will be keeping an eye on that! We just go with the mindset of since we don't easily get information that should be shared without difficulty, that instead we will give it the moment we can. Can't say DH does not communicate that way. DH has seen and now knows too that usually judges side with the mother so any instance we can protect his back, we do so it doesn't tip in her favor if/when it comes to being in front of a judge. 

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Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly! DH can be proactive with the Christmas travel and give BM that flight tracker info again. It might cut down on some of the drama. Smile

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Good idea! With the message of saying SD was boarded on the plane also add "here is the tracker you can track her flight on."

DH repeatedly says BM just wants to talk and I never understood that and still don't, but after the last few conversations it does feel that way. After SD landed, BM then messaged DH asking when SD last ate on the plane. DH responded with as you know I was not on the plane with her, but provided her with food. I would ask the flight attendant who brought SD from the plane to you. SD ate a meal prior to boarding the plane, seeing as the flight was 6 hours, I am sure she is ready for another meal. Worst case ask SD if she is hungry.

DH was being a complete smart ass because we were both mind blown about BM messaging DH if SD was hungry from the other side of the country. BM responded with 3 messages defending herself by saying that the flight attendant brought her real quick then walked away and there was no one to ask. How she will ask SD, etc. 

MEANWHILE you need to sign the child out with the flight attendant after the flight lands, the attendant doesn't say "here" push SD towards BM and walk away, never to be seen again.

Needless to say DH did not respond to any of those messages because there is no reason, but BM constantly wants to make it into this whole unnecessary conversation and I just don't get it. 

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BM, like many others, wants to stay relevant. BioHo does this caca aaaaaaall the time. Thankfully, my DH ignores her most of the time. But it's definitely something he had to work on.

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Try and pull how dead beat the other parent is, or how they were abused when with the other parent, etc. I mean I guess only thing is proves how false these statements are. You wouldn't want to constantly talk to your ex that abused you.

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I am so glad that the last trip went smoothly- I knew it would!

Hopefully a thank you is all there will be to it! 

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the direct flights to/from VA to here are always at the same time too, so becomes almost a routine too that the flight is early evening from VA to us and then going back to VA is in the am. So I feel like that can definitely help too!

I am hoping so, but not naive enough to think that is all there will be either!