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I hate not knowing...

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SD is supposed to go on her next visit with her BM in 20 days. But will she show up to pick her up? Will she let us know? Will she be a no-show like she has before? Will she even want to spend time with her kid that she hasn’t seen or called since July? Will she be able to afford to take her for a week? Will she inform us of the flight itinerary 3 days in advance, like she’s supposed to (per the court order)? Will she even bother with any of it?

I hate not knowing whether I’m going to get my break or not. It’s every 2-4 months that she has the kid for one freaking week and I have to sit and wonder if she’s even going to take her. SMH!!!


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It is very frustating, balancing work, family and inconsiderate others

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That horrible feeling of not knowing what is going to happen is the worst.  And unfortunately it grows over time with each smack upside the head out of the blue.  I understand completely!

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Yup! Very true. The useless BM seems to care less and less. She’s never made an effort (it’s all on psycho grandma’s time and idiot step-grandfather’s dime), but any effort that is made lessens as SD gets older and more difficult to deal with.


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Not that simple. My break consists of the house being more calm, quiet, clean, everyone having more relaxed attitudes, having quality time with my children without the annoyance of SD interfering or trying to put attention onto herself, not having to hear her constant loud voice and high pitched squeals and ridiculous stories that make absolutely no sense... the list goes on. I can’t have my break if she’s here. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible.

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I’m sorry that you know how it feels.

A lot of SMs deal with the BM who keeps the kids away from their father at all costs... yet they actually have no idea how lucky they are. Having a SK that lives with you full time and never getting a break because their BM fails as a parent (and a human being) is NOT FUN AT ALL! Sad

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Have you emailed to see if she has her ticket yet? Just ask her to send you the flight info now. If she doesn't have it now, she isn't going to buy one last minute.

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I wish that were true, but they buy them last minute every single time. The BM doesn’t plan (or pay for) the visits - it’s psycho grandma and her ATM (AKA her husband). So if psycho grandma decides to buy a flight, then she will do it right before the visit (court order states that BM has to let us know 3 days in advance, but she never follows the court order anyway). If psycho grandma decides to rent a car and drive out of state, they won’t confirm that usually until the morning of the drop off day. BM usually doesn’t know anything until psycho grandma lets her know.