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I REALLY need to change my point of view

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We have my SD full time. The useless BM lives out of state and gets one week of visitation every two to four months throughout the year, and she NEVER calls SD between visits. SD has viewed me as her mom since she was a toddler. BM left when she was a baby and I came into the picture, as a mother figure, right before preschool (I met her when she was a newborn though... my DH and I have been friends since childhood). She wanted a mother so badly and she immediately attached herself to me to the point where my DH was jealous. LOL!

Not all stepparents are created equal

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The title of this blog is meant to be funny, but it’s also true. I was so relieved to find a website “where stepparents come to vent” because there literally isn’t ONE person in my life that is in my shoes. Not ONE. I know other stepparents, but none of them are in a situation that is remotely close to mine. I’ve realized that other stepparents don’t even understand where I’m coming from because for one, they don’t know me or my SD (obviously) and for two, they only have their stepkids a handful of days per month.