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So sick of it!!

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I have been married to my DH for a year now and am so frusterated that he Tells his SS 16 everything and lets him do anything.  There are no boundaries.  Probably because i feel like i need to be a people pleaser.  I try my ass off but then just get disrespected.  I have had to throw away some stuff (adult stuff)in our room cuz he looks through our room for lint removers, socks, or whatever.  I dont want to call it white lies but he will kinda lie abt things like buying shoes and then throwing away the evidence.  Recently he lied abt cutting up one of the expensive pillows and using the stuffing to make his new dog(at his moms house) a bed.  And also told me to help him sew it!  I wasnt gonna make a big deal and just ignore it but yesterday for whatever reason i told my DH and how he lies and to not tell him, but he did!  I know because the evidence of whats left of the stupid pillow is gone!  Right now i feel guilty for telling his dad, but also pissed that my husband would tell his son when i told him not to.  Im so frustereated cuz now its gonna be awkward when his son and i are alone together.  I also hate it when he does these things and tells me, but then tells me not to tell his dad.  I hate being in this situation


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If either of my SDs ever came rummaging through my private things I would be on the phone to a locksmith to put a lock on my bedroom door, before I drew another breath.  If he cut up a cushion from my home I would present him with an invoice for said item.  

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Why is your SS even allowed in your bedroom, that should be off limits and he needs to clearly understand this. This is an invasion of privacy and your H has to put his foot in his @ss for not respecting it. You should not have to walk on egg shells and not be able to trust your H because he repeats to his son what is said in confidence between you both.

Get a lock for your bedroom and detach yourself from SS ASAP. He's disrespecting your belongings and space and that is definitely h@ll no. If your H won't address this to him, perhaps you should and disengage.

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I just found the outter lining of the pillow hidden under one of the beds downstairs.  He has hidden the evidence again