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So frusterated im abt ready to run away!

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So i have a SS who is gonna be 17 soon and him and his dad my husband acts the same ands says the same things! Either my husband is trying to act like him or SS is trying to act like his dad.  Anyways, our sex life has pretty much deminished... we have only been married for a little over a year and there are some annoying things that i just try to ignore, but turned into anger and resentment.  

Like today i told him that it feels weird SS looks through our room for stuff.  His hats are not in my underwear drawer! I told my husband it kinda makes me feel weird and that does not help with out sex life when i have to throw out all my intimite things in fear that his son would see and be tainted for life! Husband turns it around and blames it on my meds that i have been taking for anxiety to deal with this stress! I have had thoughts of moving out and just leaving with my daughter cuz i get so pissed sometimes that he doesnt see whats going on!  Im sick of it and somethings gotta change.  Have been going to therapy and of course everything is my issue.


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No child should be rummaging in a parent's bedroom. Ever. You are entitled to your privacy and your SS should not be invading that. He's going through your underwear? Ewww. Not normal. Sounds like your SS may have a stepmom fetish ... Have you told your dh that you suspect that his son might have a crush on you? If not, do it now. Maybe add that you don't like being alone with him as you feel uncomfortable with someone who has intimate knowledge of your intimate apparel...


I'm afraid that if your dh cannot ugrasp the basic concept of privacy that I'd be tempted to drive it home by deliberately leaving "intimate items" hidden in drawers - a bottle of lube, a blindfold, a vibrator, whatever you think would cause offence Smile but make sure they're not easily found. The point is to prove that the kid has an unhealthy curiosity about you.

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Your husband is okay with his son rumaging around in your underwear drawer?

He is using the fact that you are on meds to gaslight you. Not cool.

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You rock, notasm! Love your creative solutions.

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Yes... next wk my husband is leaving for a work trip and doesnt bother trading days with his ex or anything! Just expecting his son to stay with me.  I just always feel weird!  Am i just being crazy!