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Runaway messaged DH..

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Last communication was on Easter Sunday with SD's message "hope you enjoy Easter without your only daughter.." DH got a message yesterday of "I love you, I miss you, I want to see you." I'm not sure where this is headed or if its headed anywhere. DH's mom has messaged back and forth with her a few times, basically the messages say the same thing, but never go past that, promises of visiting her but SD never follows through.. 

I totally expect it and I totally get it but its slightly aggravating to me. Maybe I'm being selfish but honestly I've completely enjoyed a home without SD in it. The lies, the manipulation, the extreme laziness...everything. Our home runs smoothly..No DRAMA and I like it.


So we'll see where this goes if anywhere I guess....


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I hope for your sake she stays gone - she sounds like trouble.  Her return would be nothing but trouble.  I hope your DH doesn't take the bait and start "chasing" her.  Otherwise, you'll need a "chaser" for all of the cocktails you'll be consuming if she comes home!

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I'm pretty confident she'll end up back home eventually just don't know when. I don't expect her romance with the pot head BF to last too long but who knows...

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I know the feeling of having a peaceful home when a certain person that is filled with drama isn't in it. You feel a great relief and have peace of mind. I get it! I can also imagine how difficult it must be for your H. Have you spoken to him about this and if so will some boundaries be made?

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We discussed scenarios quite a bit when she first left. At that time we were in agreement that she would not be back home. But I also know DH is a softy and SD knows this as well. I'm pretty confident if she turns on the tears she'll be in but to what extent I don't know. I have completely become silent in any discussions relating to her with DH. I just listen.

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IF you let her come home eventually, I'd make sure it has stipulations to go with it. Like "you may come home, but you have to do x and x, and x and x is not allowed." kind of deal.

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I agree 100% & I do feel DH would as well, but the reality is always different when it comes to always has. He knows my view on this. I refuse to support her, and a possible pregnancy/baby. She is now a high school drop out and she will have to make positive steps in receiving her GED, etc and earn an income. 

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Sounds perfect to me. Just remember that it's your home. DH can't move SD in without these restrictions. It's okay for your DH to be a little bit scared of you sometimes Wink

Also I agree on not supporting that. DH and I have already talked about that, as weird as it sounds... We love the girls, but either of them has a kid, that kid becomes THEIR responsibility. They'll have to work, pay daycare, etc. If they want to do adult things, then they get adult consequences as well.

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make sure you don’t become a Full  time babysitter.  I would not want SD and GC back into my house.  You know what will happen.  She will go out leave you the baby and come back three days later. She want to play adult, let her figure out how to live 

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Absolutely not!!! If pregnancy ends up in this equation she's managing that all by herself. I made it VERY clear to DH I WILL not raise a baby because SD17 spread her legs for some idiot kid.