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OT Breaking up with social media

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Has anyone done this? I've taken breaks in the past and thats currently where I'm at. But I haven't even really thought about it. 

Which is a surprise because I feel I was always on it. Always checking it. It became such a habit and truly occupied SO much of my time. My goal at this point is just to separate myself from it altogether...if thats possible. I do manage the soclal media sites for my office but that I can easily do. Its obviously a tough habit to break and thats why I feel somewhat of a surprise its been so easy.

I just really want my time back. I sunk myself into a good book over the weekend, Started a few small projects around the house. This is where my time needs to be..not keeping up with the insanity on FB. It feels good...I just hope I can disconnect from it for good. I have a few friends that are not on social media and I'm so envious. Hope I can get there myself...I'm just really over the whole scene.

Anyone else done this and completely quit social media?


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About 5 years ago, I deleted all my social media accounts and was happy in doing so. I was tired of the time wasted, the fakeness, etc... I did not regret a thing. You will keep in touch with people that are truly important to you and won't need social media to do so.

All was well until we bought a business. Now I have to have social media accounts for the business but I'm finding that I'm again wasting time on facebook, etc... I've fallen back into the trap. 

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A trap is defintely what it is! 5 years seems impossible! Thats awesome. Its crazy how something so stupid can consume so much of your time. I hope you can find your way back out. It feels very refereshing not having everyones views pushed in front of me all day long!!!!

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DH and I both broke up with fakebook about 3 years ago. BioHo was using the skids' accounts to spy on us (we both had her blocked). Then she would text shizzit to DH about what we had posted. She also had a major shitfit about me not accepting PigPen's friend request. PigPen was 12. 'Ho called DH, beeyotching. I was sitting right there, heard her, and lost my sh!t: "You tell that f*cking c*nt that 1) my FB page contains content that is NOT APPROPRIATE for a 12 year old and I am not, repeat NOT, about to limit my postings to G ratings for one person. 2) PigPen is UNDERAGE. The FB age limit is THIRTEEN, so he has been on there ILLEGALLY for 3 years. And 3) I wouldn't care if he was 92. NO ONE TELLS ME WHO TO ACCEPT AS A FB FRIEND."

Even though we don't have FB accounts, SD22 continues to post Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to DH - to make HERSELF look good. She never calls or texts him.

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I’m on the social medias but in a limited fashion. I have Biowh0re and stepdemon and her dirtclan all permablocked. I hunted down as many of them as I could in order to eliminate them from my digital life.

I never speak to Biowh0re and I never will. Not my loathesome ex, not my problem. 

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I'm either all in or nothing. Its like I can't police my own activity on it. I don't post a lot other than sharing recipes to my page for later reference. If I could occasionally get on it I'd be ok but I can't seem to do it. So I just cut myself off.

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You need Pinterest. It’s fabulous for saving recipes! Make a new email account and don’t tell anyone and then make a Pinterest with a totally fake name.

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Yes, I have Pinterest but haven't looked at it in awhile. I need to check it out.

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I still have a Fakebook account, but I don't have any friends, except my DH - I only keep the account for some pages that I like, like photography and psychology, and our local town page.  Also I messenger with my DH when he's travelling - it's the most stable platform for when he's on the train.  

I do find Facebook encourages behaviour of the very worst kind and I have no time for it. 

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Yep, that was my New Years Resolution.

At Midnight on New Years Eve I deleted my Facebook account.

I only had it for 5 years, and I too began to feel like I was just wasting time on it.

My real friends have my number & I theirs, so we keep in touch.

I just really don’t care to see another cat pic or breakfast photo from Denny’s posted by the girl I sat next to in 8th grade English class. She really has no business eating that much grease anyway.

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It is so refreshing not to hear all the crap out there. It is also funny listening to people talk about it now and how stupid they sound. "I saw on FB this morning that my friends, cousins best friend that I met once in 5th grade had their appendix removed." Really? I am sure this has you stressed out for whatever reason. The thing that drove me mad is peope acting like they don't know what a search engine is, "I got pen ink on my shirt, does anyone know how to get it out?"

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Exactly LOL!!!! Google is my BFF!! The one that always bugs me is "If this is not allowed, can you please delete it?" Uhmmm I'm pretty confident that happens automatically you don't have to give permission. Ugh!! JUst SO over it.

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I do not have FB, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, or anything else, never have. I have a Pinterest account, only because I practically had to make one to look at stuff! It is totally private, not even under my name.

I do not care what someone ate for breakfast, nor do I want to see a picture of it! I also don't care to read every thought that people have in their heads.

Good luck!

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I broke up with mine 7 years ago and I have never looked back.  Back then you could only deactivate.  Now you can actually delete your account with the ability to download all your photos, etc prior to deleting.  

I did not like the way fb made me feel.  So little of what you read on there is genuine.  If you have to tell your spouse how much you love them and are thankful for them on a social media platform there is a major void somewhere in your ilfe.  

I prefer face to face relationships and I also prefer to keep my life private.  Also not seeing all the crap my SD's post and BM is a HUGE plus.

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I have gotten rid of mine as well about 5 years now and I couldn't be happier! The only site I use is this site which has been my blessing. I am a rather private person and feel if I want you in my business I will call or text you. Plus my DH was always snooping on anything I had now she only gets the info when the skids tell her which is almost nonexsistant since I do not share my life stories or photos with them. 

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I ceased FB about 2.5 years ago. I did it for several reasons. I was tired of all the fake BS people would post especially when I knew otherwise, it was a great distraction and consumed a lot of my time. It was also a tool for my H's daughter to envy as she had plenty to say about all the trips we went on. Last but not least I was enrolling back to college so I had to eliminate it so I can give school my 100% focus and it has worked out well because I'm on the Deans list Biggrin

Not having social media is such a blessing and I feel such a weight lifted. If this is something you really want you can do it.

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It really is. I've toyed around with getting rid of it. Taking "the break", but eventually landed back on it. And really so crazy jealous of friends who aren't on it. I just keep reminding myself of this. FIngers crossed I can make it out!