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Applause Applause were RIGHT!

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I may or may not have lit the match...

Last night I was working on the soclal media accounts for my office. SD18's trash friend came up on a "suggested" list on IG. I've looked at SD's IG before from my business page as she doesn't know it exists and therefore isn't blocked. I haven't though looked at hers in a really long time. So anyway, I see trash friends IG and click on it. My thought was to see if she was going to night school also since I felt she was pulling SD18 to do this with her. Theres lots of selfies of course and I see a pic of trash friend and SD18 together so I click on that one. In reading the comments of "I Lurrvvvv uuuuu" a hundred times back & forth and realize SD has once again created another profile. She has at least 50 at this point, I'm I click on it to find LOTS of photos of her kissing a boy. Click on a video. Its of the 2 of them walking & groping each other in Target. The boy looks like the kid she ranaway with, but I wasn't sure.

I showed it to BS17 and asked him if he knew who the boy was. He said he didn't, but it looked like the runaway boy. I told him that I thought the same thing. My mind immediatley took me back to the weekend when DH discovered the tape over the door alarm sensor at GMAs...Coincidence? I think not.

So I continue on with my work, finish up and start on dinner. Not really sure at this point if I'm going to say anything to DH or not. But honestly worried that GMA & GPA need to know if this kid is back in her life. SO DH comes in and almost automatically starts talking about some long ago story about SD. He travels down memory lane often and I've heard this particular story a million times. (eyeroll) So I asked him what the runaway boys name was? I'm honestly terrible with names. DH doesn't remember either. So I ask him if she's seeing him again. DH instantly says No. I told him about the video/pictures and he asked to see them. He's convinced it isn't him. I disagree and BS17 chirps up and says he thinks its him also. DH decides to call his parents. Asks GPA what runaway boys name was and asks if SD is dating anybody. GPA says she's seeing some kid named __________. Its the runaway kids name but just pronounced a little differently. As soon as DH said it I was like WHAT?? its the same person. No, no, no its not the same, she says his name differently.


I told DH its GOT to be the same kid. So his conversation continues with GPA while he has my phone in hand looking thru her IG (which isn't private). Clicks on the most recent selfie and theres a long caption about GMA and how terrible she is and how she "Don't know shit." This escalates things with DH after reading this aloud to GMA over the phone and he demands they put SD on the phone. He tells her he wants the phone back, she needs to quit her shit and tells her she'll need to go live with BM. Of course this sends GMA into overdrive of her telling him "How good she's been doing..." DH tells her he knows shes not and knows they've been covering for SD. And the phone call ends at some point after that. DH hands me my phone back and says something went wrong. The photo he was looking at was gone from SD's IG. I took the phone, clicked on it again, Gone. In those few minutes she set it to private. 

I ask DH AGAIN, are you sure SD is enrolled in nightschool, I've now received a call everyday this week that she's absent. Yes, yes she's enrolled..classes haven't started yet. And thats where it was left.

Evening goes on without mentioning SD. I go to plug in my phone. When I did, SD's IG screen is still on my phone. Of course all I can see is her profile, no photos. She's added "fuck you, next" and underneath that it says "STOP STALKING ME". I literally laughed out loud. I didn't mention this to DH.

This morning, as this is still on my mind. I jumped online to find the night school class schedule. I found it easily. Guess when class started?


I haven't told DH this either. Undecided if I will or just need this to unravel on its I know it will.

So, you were all correct. Nightschool was another big fat lie.


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Liars be lying.

Sounds like a freight train of karma is coming SD's way. Too bad GMA and GPA are stuck on stupid.

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SD is doing what she wants, She can’t even come up with good stories. She tells bad lies and GM believe her.  Your DH doesn’t not want to see it unless you call him out on it.  She is going to crash and burn soon 

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"Doing so good" i hate those words. If the skids have a good day and dont GET CAUGHT doing anything I have to hear about how good they are.

I too dont tell DH everything I discover as far as lies and breaking rules. He makes excuses anyways and talks about the time 2 weeks ago the did something sooo good.

My kids do everything they should EVERYDAY and are successful young men but DH will bring up well your kids did that too one time 6 years ago. I have told DH stories of teenage antics of my kids and regret it because its not the same. It wasnt daily problems with lying, inconsiderateness and doing as they please no matter the "consequences".

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AMEN! No one seems to get this though. This dysfunction of "raising" this kid has been going on for YEARSSSSSS! And they choose to ignore all the signs. Its really scary to think they (including DH) are so clueless.

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Gads. Like his name is David, but she's pronouncing it "Dah-veed". Why does everyone's IQ drop off when it comes to this idiot girl?

I'd let your DH figure it out on his own. You can "I told you so" to us. Dirol

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Exactly! Its a very common name that now suddenly became very ethnic sounding. Come the freak on! And they're all buying it!! I just want to bang my head against a wall.

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GMA will continue to enable her and so will DH, SD is never going to graduate from high school, she will end up pregnant by run away boy and then he will ditch her once she tells him.

Be prepared that grandbaby will be used as a weapon to punish DH and GMA and they will do anything and everything to be apart of that grandbabies life, even if is means that SD holds them hostage for the rest of their lives.

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I agree. And even mentioned to DH lastnight when all of this transpired that he needs to get her on birth control or he will become a GPA. No reply from DH. As usual.

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It is amazing how oblivious and in denial some people are....seriously....she pronounced the exact same name different and they all believe it?!?! WOW!!! Just WOW!!!!  Unreal!  So many other issues as well but this is just crazy!

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Yes, it was a very Twilight Zone moment. I thought at least DH would catch what was being said, especially after I questioned it. Even BS17 caught it.

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Man, sometimes the denial in these guilty daddeeeess is beyond comprehension!!!!  My BS11 has been able to see through all of my SD's antics for YEARS and SO still acts oblivious.  

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If he's anything like Chef, he'll call OP "Nostrodamus"

Oh and the "trips down memory lane"  GAG!!!  I remember those!!!  The same.old.stories over and over and over and over and over and over ad nauseum.    "I remember when poopsiekins was 3 yrs old and blah blah blah"

Fortunately Chef doesn't do that anymore!!  I have never ONCE pummeled Chef with stories of my bios when they were growing up. 

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I mean, what if the night school schedule just appears in the mailbox with DH's name on it? It's not like you can help what shows up in the mailbox... Unknw

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Or print it and post it on the fridge for him to see. Highlight where it shows the start date.

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with the serious Disney dad he would say "they must have made a typo on the calendar! They really mean FEBRUARY not JANUARY"

Chef tried to play off the "clerical error" when CPS oddly did not send us a report on the fake-o story that the Gir cooked up and had run up the proverbial flag pole using her clout as a CPS WORKER at the time so that we could refute it.    Thought I was "paranoid" and that it was a clerical error!  HA!  Having worked as a clerk in a subsidized housing office, I know that a "mistake" of this type would not be tolerated.

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I thought about just telling him, but I'm curious to see how long SD18 plays this out. Its fun to be on the sidelines..just waiting..

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You are in the biggest damned if you do damned if you don't situation EVER! On one hand if you don't bring her escapades to light your DH gets all gooey over how great she is doing and all the progress and everything she "says". When you call her out you risk being the "bad guy". But if you don't call out the truth you run the risk of her coming back or our DH funding her or whatever else... I just wish he would do a little stalking himself so you didn't have to be the one who stumbles across all of this stuff. Its not even like you are trying to find info, it literally falls in your lap all the time!

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I agree. I'm just wondering how long the charade is going to last. And won't it be quite "the burn" when the shit hits the fan and everything is brought to light. As it always does. SD18 though "thinks" she's being so clever. Conning GMA AND GPA into thinking this kid who walked into their house isn't the same she was banging in her car this time last year, the kid who was sleeping in their camper out in the yard and I'm quite confident banging SD in it also. Nooooo SD just puts an accent over his name, makes it sound different and suddenly has everyone fooled. Dang!

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LOL! I just don't understand the refusal to open your eyes as a parent and see what is happening!

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Pronouncing the name differently? Come on! How clueless is your DH and his family? LOL

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triggers you so much.  I believe that you are jealous of her and how she can behave so badly and still be loved and enabled.

I have just begun to realize that "if someone triggers you" there is a reason that you will not acknowledge about yourself.