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BM has reared her ugly head again..

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So the BM in our life is very in and out of SD18's life. Always has been. DH got full custody of SD when she was 8 years old. BM is a pillpopper, drunk, narcissistic bitch. To simply call her "trash" would suffice. What she put SD thru over her entire childhood would seriously blow your mind. She's never paid a dime towards anything for her, but has a lot to say on how she's been raised of course.

Counseling and Easter at GMAs

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My 1st session was yesterday. It seemed to go well. I was very anxious before going. The thought of having to explain everything to a stranger was very overwhelming to me. But I did it. She asked appropriate questions, although sometimes I really felt all over the place. She was patient though and seemed to follow me. Its a lot to break down in an hour session of what has transpired over the last 2 years. I left and felt ok. Got home, drank a glass of wine and suddenly just felt extremely exhausted. It was weird. Almost a delay it seemed like.