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Random Update..

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DH is MUCH improved! BP is leveling out. He checks it twice a day at home. And he's beginning to feel somewhat better. We leave next week to go to my parents home to get it "rental ready" and I'm looking forward to the break and warmer weather. No further mention of his parents joining us and I'm not asking about them. I half expected him to mention SD18 tagging along, but thankfully no word on that idea...hope its just me being paranoid.

We CLOSED! Hooray! Then all hell broke loose...

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We closed Friday..all went smoothly. DH and I closed at 10am, my brothers at 1pm. Not a word from them since the encounter with DH. I knew I wouldn't..they got what they wanted. More than likely I'll never hear from them again. It is what it is..We plan to travel down to the house later this month.

One of those days...

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i am having a hard time today. My stress level is high, high, high. I feel extremely anxious. Closing on the house looks to be next Friday although we have not been given a time. Still makes it feel like its not going to happen with something so small as knowing what time to be there. I guess I feel like it gives it more validity knowing the time. Who knows...

On our way to closing...again..I think...

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We've had a few more hiccups with this closing, but it appears loose ends are tied up & fingers crossed I'll have a new closing date very soon.

Our plan is to close and basically hit the road and head to the house. My hope is to get a renter in it asap, but will need to do a handful of things prior to someone moving in. The home is in a very desireable area near the beach and theres a waiting list of people wanting these types of rentals. The income potential is fantastic and I want to get this loan paid off asap.

Totally pulled myself out of the SD18 + DH equation

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DH said he would be going over to his parents sometime Sunday. I was planning to spend some time with BD19 and grab some lunch. I offered DH to join us which he does often but he declined stating he was planning to go to his parents. Not a big deal. So this conversation happened Saturday. While we were out Saturday DH had a missed call from his dad who he called back. We were in the car so it was on his bluetooth so I could hear the call as we're driving. SD18 immediately answers. Allllllll sweet and SUPER bubbly.

OT - Whats your workout regimen?

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I need to get motivated. Especially with time change not too far away...I really want to get more active.

A friend has invited me to play tennis with her. She plays once a week for fun. Sounds fun as I use to play when I was younger.

So what do you do to stay fit? I need ideas...the gym scene is not for me plus its SO expensive. I don't think I'd really go anyway.

Hopefully on our way to closing..

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Sent 2 text messages to my brothers yesterday with no reply. I ended up calling the one brother who is easier to deal with. The forms they were required to sign were in the mail. Thank you Jesus! Now we wait for them to be received and then we'll head to closing. I don't think Friday is going to stick as our new closing date, but thats okay. Just because of "snail mail" I don't think everything will be received in time for a Friday closing. 

OT - Journaling

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So I've been journaling and its helpful. Not skid related whatsoever as I rarely even entertain her in my thoughts.

This is purely about life. Its an app on my phone and I can ramble on it anytime I choose. Anytime I feel overwhelmed. Anytime my thoughts seem to stir up anxiety.

There are many days I feel the need to just cry. Not so practical when I'm at work and that seems to be when things hit me the most. Its like Okay..this is the part of the day I just want to cry. It happens often.

I don't think DH likes my disengagement..

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I have FULLY disengaged from SD18. And I'm pretty proud of myself. I have done such a good job of disengaging that I don't even think about her. 

Saturday we were running errands, in the car driving back home and DH (out of nowhere) says "SD18 is finally back home." (Home = GMAs house still THANK GOD!!!)