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And just like that...Runaway is gone..

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SD17 lasted at GMAs less than 48 hours. When she picked her up she said she'd be staying a week, DH translated it to SDs way of escaping BFs house & family for good. WRONG. By Saturday afternoon BFs mother was picking her up. She got over there late Thursday evening, SD wanted DH there when she got there, but he didn't go. I assumed he would go over when he got off of work Friday so I made dinner plans with BS17 & we did a little bit of shopping...DH didn't go to see her. I was really surprised by this.

Speak of the devil annnnd....Runaway is back

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Later in the evening last night DH's dad called to tell him they were on their way to pickup SD17. She called them and asked if they would pick her up. A few minutes later she called DH to tell him she was waiting for GMA to pick her up & wanted to know if DH would be there when they got back to GMA's. By this point it was probably around 9pm-ish...DH gets up for work at 3:30am. All of which SD knows..I guess she thought since she decided to come home that everyone would flock to her immediately. GAH...narcissism x 1000 = SD17..its nauseating.

Runaway messaged DH..

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Last communication was on Easter Sunday with SD's message "hope you enjoy Easter without your only daughter.." DH got a message yesterday of "I love you, I miss you, I want to see you." I'm not sure where this is headed or if its headed anywhere. DH's mom has messaged back and forth with her a few times, basically the messages say the same thing, but never go past that, promises of visiting her but SD never follows through.. 

Runaway...not much going on but pleased with DH & how he's handling things

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No contact from SD17 and honestly I don't think that much about her. It is now very rare for her to come up in conversation & if she does, it doesn't last long.

I've been full throttle getting BD18 ready for prom, honors night this week, graduation party plans, getting ready for college, etc etc. Its a very exciting time. I have more than welcomed this as dealing with the sudden loss of my father and knee deep in settling his estate has really been tough on me. 

BM's karma train rolled in...

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DH has had full custody of SD17 since she was 9. She's somewhere in the $18K range in arrears. BM is very good about hiding and never has a real address & changes her phone number as often as she changes her underwear. I don't know how she manages this but she does. DH went thru Child Support Recovery about 5 years ago ??? its been so long ago I can't remember. But over these 5 years they have never been able to find her. She hops states, various locations like crazy. DH was told at one point that they couldn't locate her to serve her with anything so we had pretty much given up.

OT - BD18 is graduating

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We're in the throws of getting BD ready to graduate and ready for college. BD18 asked if we can plan a casual BBQ at home after graduation which I've agreed to. Her father and I don't have the best relationship. We're cordial when around each other for the kids events and so forth, but otherwise we don't communicate. He owes me a lot of money, money I know I'll never see. Yes, I've considered taking him back to court but my bios are now 17 & 18 and I really don't have the desire, time or energy to do this.

Well GMA took Runaway to the doctor....

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SD17 called GMA stating she'd been running a fever for a couple days thinking she has strep throat. GMA went and picked her up and took her to Urgent Care who then had to call DH for his approval so she could be treated. Seems funny that every other entity tells us she's an adult but can't see a doctor without parental consent. So she ended up with tonsillitis. No doubt in my mind GMA gave her  money, fed her & so on.

Homecoming (just realized this is crazy long)

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BD17 is on homecoming court. Its very exciting but to be honest its a lot of work. BD17 is very very tiny so formal dress shopping can be a headache..but we're getting there. We're new to this, BD17 is my athlete, not the typical you picture I guess on a homecoming court...doesn't wear a drop of makeup, hair is usually in a ponytail and she spends most her time on a volleyball court. This really came out of nowhere but still very exciting for her Senior Year.