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2 ex-husband +1 lawyer ?

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Just wondering if this can be done

BM most recent STBX is going through the exact same things BM put my hubby through,

My husband has 2 kids with this woman , STBX has 1 child who is autistic and has some behavorial issues, STBX wants his son because BM is a drunken whore who is also possibly pregnant with the BF she just moved in a month ago,,,,BM left STBX a month ago saying she didnt want ot be married or a mom and needed to find herself,,,same thing she told Ex #1 Ex#2(my husband) and now STBX #3,,,anyway I will keep all the inbetween stuff out for now ,,,,,

My husband and the STBX want to get a lawayer together, we have been trying for months to get full customdy of these kids before thier mom destroys them any further,,,,,,,has anyone ever heard of 2 EH getting a lawyer at the same time to go after the same person?


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My DH and middle dad were represented by the same attorney in a custody case against Uberskank in 2007.

Had they waited about 6 months, I'm sure last dad would have joined them.

***edited to add***

DH and Middle Dad ultimately were granted custody of their kids (1 each). Last Dad and Uberskank had remarried, so they had custody of youngest kid.

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thanks for all the advice

I am actually looking forward to the karmic train wreck both dads taking her to court at the same time will cause, part of me is really looking forward to watching her finally get her just dues,

Ultimatly the goals re exactly the same,
Both fathers want BM in rehab and to get a clause in the custody papers that the revolving boyfriend door has to stay shut, no overnights for her,,,them included but DH and I are already married,
Both fathers want to be able to ge thier children medical help, My SD is 11 and pulls her hair out and cuts herself and has other issues, BM has stopped counseling at every turn, STBX wants his autistic child on OT and therapy and the mom nixes that imediatly because "she" doesn thave time for all this, because drinking and boyfriends are a 40 hour a week job
Both fathers want limited visitation and even then they want it supervised if needed and as stupid as it sounds they are both still willing to keep paying child support to her, They dont want CS from her at all, this is not about money, its about helping the kids,,,,and yes even though she gets DH kids 3 days a week and her other one 4 days a week she still get CS from both fathers, her older sons father ( she has 4 total and another on the way) actually fled the country to get away from her, poor sap,

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Uberskank sounds like your BM. She still doesn't feel that her kids need counseling despite:

DH's kid has commitment issues at the age of 17.
Middle kid (at 11) throws temper tantrums and screams until she gets her way (Uberskank does the same)
Youngest kid is almost 10 and still wearing diapers at night because she continues to wet the bed.

I will tell you that DH and Middle Dad agreed to a custody evaluator, much to Uberskank's chagrin.

Part of the evaluation included a psyche evaluation for all three dads and Uberskank. It was very revealing as far as exposing Uberskank as being "a Grand Manipulator".

The custody evaluator noted during her interview with the three kids that they were obviously coached prior to her meetings with them.

She also noted the dad's seemed to be more concerned about the kid's welfare, where as Uberskank was more concerned with the outcome of the evaluation.