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What a weekend with an entitled Ex at a funeral

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One of my cousins recently died all too young (61)

.  He married his EX 40+ years ago.  He raised her two children as his own.  I think he must have adopted them as they used his name.  He worked his ass off.  He put her thru school to get a teaching degree and when that didn't work out for her he put her thru a nursing program.  He put both of the children thru college.

She still never worked very much, but several years ago got a big inheritance out of the blue.  She promptly left him and bled him dry financially (due to his ignorance).  She bought a half million dollar property while forcing him to sell the home he'd built (literally as he was a contractor) to move into a cheap apartment.

Now he was an idiot to not protect his interests - but we all know how that happens.  I was kind of surprised that she showed up to his memorial service.  And that she jumped up to speak with tears about how sad she was.

I hope she rots in hell.


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Some people have no shame. My ex-in-laws are pretty much all like that. Every occasion has to end up being some sort of "show" about them.

I'm sorry for your loss...and your aggravation at this challenging time.

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Hopefully this will be a case of what goes around comes around. What an awful person. So sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin.

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What. The. S***f***ing. He!!.

I can't even imagine... I wouldn't have kept that one to myself..... I can restrain myself, but something like that? He!! no.

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My brother and his "wife" were a day away from signing the divorce papers when he passed. They hadn't lived together in over a year and had no children together. She showed up for his memorial in a black veil...weeping and moaning. Ugh.

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Did she really wear a black vail?

I wonder if she will wear that while she runs to the social security office.

Sincerely sorry that your brother died. So soooo sorry.

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Some people just love to invoke drama LOL She must be a blast to be around.

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Honestly she should have been pushed out of the funeral home. Unbelievable she was given the platform to speak.


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My sympathy for your loss.

I honestly believe that BioHo will attend the future (hopefully FAR in the future) funerals of DH's family members. It won't matter to 'Ho that once DH divorced her she was no longer welcome in their homes - only that she can make it about her.

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I was shocked that she was there, but nothing like when she jumped up to speak.  I said funeral in the title but it was actually a memorial service a couple of weeks after he died.