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It's Official - SS34's 3 year old is autistic

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Now don't get me wrong - I know several autistic and delayed children and adults that I love. It does not mean that he is of no value!  Autistic people can be a great addition to people's lives.  I spent all day today with a dear friend whose autistic son is now in his 30s.  I've known him for almost 20 years and adore him.  I spent all day Thursday with friends that have a 35 year old Down son that I have known since he was born who is a total joy.  I'd take either of them any day over the worthless SS34.

But I feel so sorry for the poor 3 year old grandson.  He doesn't have a chance.  His parents are drunks who also smoke weed non-stop who will do nothing to help him reach his max potential. I hope they are not going to treat him as a "thowaway" child now that the GF is expecting another baby.  Yes they are that worthless.

I have not laid eyes on this child in over 2 years - yet I could have diagnosed this easily even back then.  As an infant and young toddler he never smiled, he never reached out to explore, and he was totally non-verbal at 3.  He has now (according to DH - as I never see him) developed the typical aversion to clothing tags, etc.  Not sure who instigated the testing - if it was at the request of day care, the pediatrician or the GF's mother who keeps him a lot.  It was probably not the parents.

There's nothing I can do.  Should I open my mouth the parents would automatically do the opposite of what I suggested.  You know how that goes.

Oh well - not even sure why I am posting this.  Just need to vent I guess.


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Sad. I know you do not like your husband's son but it sounds like you care for the well being of the child. Maybe you can suggest things to your husband to mention (without mentioning you). 

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Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do but watch this train wreck from a distance. Unfortunately, there’s nothing DH can do either to make them better parents. You can’t make people care about their children.

The only good thing is that, since he has a diagnosis, he can be enrolled in public school preschool. In many places in the US special education students (IEP due to Autism) get transported back and forth. No effort required on the part of the parents  other than getting the child dressed. 

 DH can nudge them into doing that by emphasizing the free time that will give them with the new baby. He can show how the child going to school will benefit them. He’ll need to make them see the benefit for them if they don’t care about the child. 


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And they just moved 75 miles away (out of a major school system with lots of resources) to 80 acres in the middle of nowhere.  No telling what school services are going to be available there.  Yes I know there are requirements to provide services to children who need them.  But we all know there's a difference between a dedicated teacher with experience and someone with absolutely no training or experience who now becomes the "special education" teacher.

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I feel very sorry for your SGS.
He has horrible parents and it is clear from your blogs they are neglectful.
With their weed smoking and drinking, there is no certainty that the next baby won't be autistic or not be affected neurologically.
They may end up with two autistic kids if they are happy to toss out the first one.
I hate to say it, but some people should be sterilised, even if it is against their will.

Nothing much for you to do except report them to child services or watch the train wreck continue.

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Poor little boy. He deserves to have every available resource.

Should be very easy IF he is on gvt assistance. If parents refuse treatment it may be neglect.

I guess they are now have ssdi for him? Are parents also qualified for assistance thru the state?