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Unicorn Sighting

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This really happened. I was there and saw it first hand.

I went to the funeral of a friend’s husband yesterday. His daughter (my friend’s SD) spoke at the service and started off with a tribute to what a wonder wife my friend had been to her father. And how proud her father was to have her as his wife. And lots of other complimentary stuff. No snark at all. It was all. Very very genuine.

DH ghosted SS 32

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By accident.

DH and I are at our vacation home out of state. But somehow along the way DH lost his phone. It could be back at our home or it may have fallen out of the case during our road trip.

DH deleted his FB a month or two ago so there is no option to reach him via FB. He does not use any other social media. I got a frantic phone call from DH's brother this morning worried why he could not reach him.

The latest on SS32

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DH and I are ready to buy a new car. I've dealt with one brand for 30 years and have used a dealership near where I live for over 15 years.

This is a large respectable dealership. Every person that I have interacted with has been decent and clean cut - and above board in our interactions. From the service bays to the salesmen in the show rooms.

DH told me that SS32 is no longer waiting tables and is now selling cars at this dealership. This is SS32 -

My holiday wishes

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I grew up in a family where my mother had 9 siblings who also had many children. Holidays were huge affairs with so many people and lots of food. No one had much money, but everyone pitched in. We regularly had 50 people eat in my parents' 900 sq ft. home.

SS32 Update to the update

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I didn't realize that I'd left my other blog so unfinished. I meant to come back and add more details.

We had planned a pre Thanksgiving meal last weekend for DH, his 4 siblings, and their families. I was concerned that the disgusting POS SS32 would show up as I had not outed him to the others out of respect for DH. I do feel sorry for my husband that his son is so worthless.

Not with a bang but a whimper WWIII averted

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Updating on my posting a reply to SS32's meme about "One should getting off their ass and earning what you want" when I posted " yes don't break into your father's home and take his wife's belongings."

DH was livid and kept saying "Take that down". I did not get mad. I just said "Did I say anything that was not true?" DH's issue was about airing dirty linen. So I took down my post. I don't think DH ever realized that I'd posted under his account. Which I did as I am blocked on SS32's account. SS took his whole post down.

OMG - I think I just started WWIII

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I logged onto FB. I ended up in DH's account - since I post stuff for him all the time.

First thing up was a meme from SS32 about how if you want something get off your ass and earn it.

I could not resist. (And I've had a beer). I posted - Yeah - earn it. Don't break into your father's home and steal his wife's stuff.

fyi - here's his latest profile picture

Not that many years ago he was actually a very handsome man. This is what your brain looks like on drugs.